@music__love96 悪くないの!? じゃあもっとかまちょしてもいいよね壁|ω・`)チラッ なんだ殴ってるのかと... やってること一緒だけどな\( ˙ω˙ )/
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@booksandquills I REALLY loved it. The kids' acting was a little off, but okay, but the music! The decor! The creepy whimsicalness!
RT @heechulfacts: [INFO] Kim Heechul and Min KyungHoon' 나비잠 (Sweet Dream) is nominated for Best Collaboration at 2016 DC Music Awards.
RT @kaharocityboy: @SevanaSiren ❤💛💚🔥👊🏿✊🏿👉🏾#sweet reggae music! Luv ya! Listen to Love The Way by Sevana Siren #np on #SoundCloud
RT @chantaella: The way VMIN share earphones and dancing to the music is so adorable. This is so boyfriend ㅠㅠ #ISAC2017
RT @vminissi: when ppl r like "y do u listen to music in languages u dont know" idk y do u listen to classical when u dont speak Trombone fck right off
RT @palm_fxxxx: 26th Seoul Music Awards จัดขึ้นวันที่ 19 ม.ค. นี้ ศลปค่ายYGที่จะเข้าร่วมมี #MOBB #BLACKPINK #SechsKies แน่นอ…
RT @natalie_mu: カラスは真っ白が3月で解散、ヤギヌマカナは人間修行へ
Google Play MusicでGLIM SPANKYが聴けるのを知ってホクホク。『宇宙の仕事』見てて主題歌の「時代のヒーロー」えらく気に入ってたので。
RT @PopCrave: The new episode of 'The Simpsons' references Beyoncé from her 'Hold Up' music video.
Can't wait for @L_Bell26 to drop more music for us!
RT @inugayojack: わ、ピストルさんおめでとうございます〜! 日本アカデミー賞優秀賞にRADWIMPS、コトリンゴ、竹原ピストル
Forever finding new music! 😍❤️🎶🖤🔥
RT @1989TUpdates: Throw 🔙 | Taylor shooting the Teardrops On My Guitar music video, 10 years ago today!