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Happy Girls are:💯👇 1 early risers 2 healthy eaters 3 optimistic 4 risk takers 5 generous 6 not arrogant 7 collaborative 8 honest 9 humble
Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” Horror Flick Debuts At The Top Of The Box Office https://t.co/IgxM3C6Taw
420Magazine: PA: Pot-Growing Proposal Gains Support In Lower Pottsgrove https://t.co/X9LztEnc04
Trump’s First Great Marijuana Lie: Dangerous Alternative Fact About Opiate Epidemic. https://t.co/0QIcVpxUa8 https://t.co/W29IArx5wu
RT @juandav44182874: Me gustó un video de @YouTube de @xTAKERSx https://t.co/vQM52KnCkh TAKERS · POR MI GENTE
RT @ArronRawTattoo: Cancelations 2nd & 9th March Full Day Only Any takers ? drop me an email arron@raw-tattoo.co.uk https://t.co/UCHsKaTfp8
I need serious help going through my closet. Any takers? Will provide free Wine, Beer, & Food... and give you first dibs on anything I toss.
RT @WeNeededHillary: So remind me again who the "takers" are! https://t.co/U39P0UjgbT
Think as you like but behave like others.
【お薦め洋画】2000万ドル強奪を企む一味と立ちはだかるロサンゼルス市警との戦いを描いた犯罪アクション映画「テイカーズ(Takers)」https://t.co/cOWacJFAfG #eiga #映画 #movie
RT @virgo9853: #Virgos love to see and make people smile and tend to be more givers than takers in all their relationships.
RT @WeNeededHillary: So remind me again who the "takers" are! https://t.co/U39P0UjgbT
@MrDilk1ington better than 2nd choice pen takers. *grabs popcorn*
Need 2 bands for Friday! Any takers?
@Itsonlyyazzie show them the fucking door! 🚪😂 Proffesional piss takers 🙄
RT @WeNeededHillary: So remind me again who the "takers" are! https://t.co/U39P0UjgbT
RT @AYisGOD: @NovaEsportsTeam @spanish_takers @Mexicool_cr @Pompeyo4CR @ClashRoyale Come and support our players at this LIVE ev… https://t.co/Kgop7aRSxR
RT @opieoils: 1974 Lamborghini Bravo concept car - any takers? https://t.co/znGTlneAcH
need some cute friend, any takers?
ID thieves are stealing fingerprints off of peace-sign flashing selfie takers & using hi-res image to break into bank acct and unlock phones
@williamlegate @realDonaldTrump ..for all the lazy takers who don't pay for their own way