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RT @ybenderbal: On fait quoi avec 1 vidéo pareille ? On se tait ? On ferme les yeux ? On brise le silence ? Que chacun interroge sa… https://t.co/nxLHIcG4mD
https://t.co/L2O29TweR2 Intraspecies 'Social Predator' Ms Laura Tait is Dangerous! https://t.co/gQQcYnP7z0 #WSLARS #NPD #Psychopath
Chris Lynn to Shaun Tait : 6 6 4 6 Ball Speed : 152 kmph Result : 122 Meteres six That's King Lynn for u
https://t.co/b8XdZlI9NP Intraspecies 'Social Predator' Ms Laura Tait is Dangerous! https://t.co/75PM1qWAC5 #WSLARS #NPD #Psychopath
@SirJohnRoe Bachi tait hy 😂
RT @TMobile: Retweet this post and tweet all World Series with #HR4HR and we’ll donate $2 each to @TeamRubicon toward hurricane… https://t.co/fpF8wN9BM6
¿No se les hizo una mamada lo de la 008 y su clan de rebeldes en Stranger Things 2? 😶
RT @ElPincheFredy: Ya están muy viejos para andar con eso de «darse un tiempo» si se van a ir, váyanse; si se van a quedar, quédense. No estén jodiendo.
https://t.co/HHGzUQMRKk Laura Tait from Busby Liverpool Sydney Australia Is Not Suffering https://t.co/vRLboHXLp9 #LauraTait #Daemon
RT @_ColombeNoire: On mentionne ou on se tait Madame https://t.co/S6CbXfJJkP
https://t.co/C0BuHq8dvQ Please don't feed the drug habit of Narc-Sadist Laura Tait from Australia https://t.co/CjJ7Yk9yMD #LauraTait
RT @DirtyPolitics_1: Piece bara tait hay!!! lol https://t.co/9TOrb3SOtj
Panel discussion about free standing birth centres with Megan Cooper UoSA, Amy Cook UoSA, Anais Stewart ACU, Ali Ta… https://t.co/1ktX6O1tpi
https://t.co/HtTzVd3IMQ How To Deal With A Sadistic Social Predator: Laura Tait, from Australia https://t.co/saLlQGyji6 #LauraTait
Ekiden de Strasbourg : l’ANA était vraiment au-dessus du lot... #nouvelle #Strasbourg https://t.co/kq1GNmcJpb
RT @AmyJRomine: "In my two minds I can see the past, but I am blind to the future." - Commander Tait https://t.co/gyHVsf4CqP … https://t.co/X4LqDuooEe
RT @NicolasBoisvert: «Tu pensais qu'ç'tait ça que ç'tait mais ç'tait pas ça que ç'tait.» Clairement, cette chanson parle de simili poulet. #GalaAdisq
@morgtait @LachlanForsyth @kirsty_johnston @hamishfletcher @tnichss Can't tell if you're being facetious Tait, but… https://t.co/oMqOe30WiN
It was an honor to comment on #ASLH2017 panel "Seeing Difference"; exciting new work from Allison Tait, Michael Boucai, &Marie-Amelie George