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Yesto lit khaana dherai pachhi khaiyo, tait. Hidnai nasakine gari, bike samma kasari pugne hola!
RT @COIHS_: An important reminder: the deadline for @COIHS_ postgraduate essay prize is 31 August. Winner receives €150 & essay… https://t.co/xYBzT2Uwds
RT @milkstrology: Capricorn, Leo, Aries, Libra, Scorpio when facing a minor inconvenience: https://t.co/gGC6iwjwI3
महाराष्ट्रात शिक्षकभर्तीच्या डीएड/बीएड धारक बेरोजगार तरुणांमध्ये आशा निर्माण करून मा. शिक्षणमंत्री @TawdeVinod आणि… https://t.co/rcsP33FoQl
@juanaristos @PAPACITOFDP Martel était chrétien et même catholique . Les souverains francs sont cathos depuis clovi… https://t.co/O3ELH2oW2l
RT @SensProspects: If you want to rebuild, stockpile on fucking picks. This is shameful.
@TaitTheo Theo tait that is the worst video on earth. Thank you though!! Much love xx
@mlota_azola Amen yikhona bezaswela indaba
It's like the scene in a heist movie when everything comes together and the antagonist realises he's been robbed
I'm actually in awe over how hard Dorion got played.
RT @ShaunKing: My God. A 16-year-old girl at a detention facility who had been taking care of a baby she didn’t know inside of a… https://t.co/v2CxSyGDai
@BenZmaga @GR_Aouar @xxxtentacion Il me casse les couilles, qu’il croit les rumeurs sans être renseigné mais qu’il… https://t.co/Ks7xZuDy7Z
RT @_PapiAce: 6ix9ine running might be the funniest thing I’ve seen all week https://t.co/kzuEZgfUNz
RT @sandraohlee: I was going 50 in a 40 & I passed this cop, right? He tried to u-turn but ended up hitting the curb & fucking up hi… https://t.co/Z0FEj9HN1s
Lol San Jose took advantage of Dorion to clear cap for Kovy/Tavares
Dorion is a fucking moron
RT @realnissa: In memory of Jahseh (XXXTentacion) 🌹 May you find your peace. https://t.co/k2ABdLNOsx
RT @jamescharles: it’s so rude that I don’t have a boyfriend
RT @FlaPanthers: TRADE: The #FlaPanthers have acquired forward Mike Hoffman and a 2018 7th round pick from the @SanJoseSharks. Det… https://t.co/gk0qB7d49S
jsuis explosée : y a un petit qui passe à côté de moi, il pleurait hyper fort, puis en passant à côté de moi il se… https://t.co/mv6B9FBaIG
@WillemTait Hi Willem Tait! My name is Limit nishiyama,as cyborg girl!
"In life, Tait struggled for an outlet, an exhibition space where she could screen her films..." @thirzawakefieldhttps://t.co/VVX40na5IM