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RT @VLBlock: On Friday we will tailgate AT LINCOLN!! It will start at 3:45... DO NOT BE LATE. We will caravan over to SK whenever we are ready to go!
RT @constantino_sam: BACK OFF BUMPER HUMPER Tailgate Funny Car Truck Window White Vinyl Decal Sticker https://t.co/ALLPEskW85
When you have to tell yourself not to tailgate a cop, you know it's bad
One of the many "Diamonds and Ice Black Tie Tailgate Live Auction items :-) https://t.co/fqW1GXMutM
Tailgate or Cousin house for the Falcons game ?
RT @AskChefDennis: Having a Homegate/Tailgate Party? Make my Easy & Delicious Three Bean Chili and enjoy the game!… https://t.co/TxkhdnU46U
RT @ASTDaltonState: Don't forget to make plans to come see us at the tailgate tomorrow night at 6pm at DSC on the gravel lot!
RT @Ritzcrackers: Create the perfect football game appetizer: RITZ Tailgate Sliders! Napkins recommended. Get the recipe on Pinterest… https://t.co/PAMkoGUz4T
제대로 찾아올 수 있겠어?
RT @JohnWayneTwitty: Hey @ThomasRhett are you proud of what you've done to country music, you phony, talentless, rat faced piece of shit? #FuckYou #BRO #TAILGATE
RT @JohnWayneTwitty: "Crash & Burn is a great country song"-goddamn idiots. @ThomasRhett #nashville #BRO #TAILGATE
I've noticed there are drivers who tailgate, those who follow at a safe distance, and those who lurk in that passive aggressive zone.
RT @JohnWayneTwitty: Hey @ThomasRhett, it's a shame that you don't make country music. "Beer With Jesus" must have been a fluke. #NOBRO #crashandburn #TAILGATE
아,이거요? 프라이멀 선봉대의 폭탄처리담당이었어요. 우주적 평화를 지키고자 하는...그런 영웅적인거 있잖아요?바보같죠?
RT @UnitedgamerzHQ: @NotSpeirs oh true haha good stuff. I've had a fan tailgate me and almost try to hit me lol
Tailgate Three Bean Chili Recipe for your next Homegating Party #Ragutailgating https://t.co/swIxj7ZXqD via @AskChefDennis
Last G28 tailgate of the year! Thanks @fanphotoman https://t.co/eeKdksMnEs
@OSUfreak82 after the CMU "loss" the refs had a police escort when they walked by our tailgate.
I'm cold and distant. I don't get attached to anyone. *packs Tailgate a lunch and kisses their cheek*
RT @bonesmalones500: I just entered for a chance to Power up my tailgate from my friends @POWERATL https://t.co/42u3Yik35Q
@JustCallMeBev I was recent at a south Carolina tailgate in ky and saw 1,093 sets of fucking pearls :)
@CooperAdkins People who don't use their turn signal, tailgate, and cut you off really hard and close.
Just don't rly understand how I can justify waking up at 6:30 for a noon game tailgate but can barely make it to class for an 8am idk