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@taffy_tarou キャス聞いてよかったから大丈夫! 胸を張れこのクソイケボ虫が(°Д°)
@coyos45064540 ご飯ばかりでごめんなさい😢
cheeralader hair tasts like banana taffy!?
@mollie_Apso1 @bertie_lakeland Morning! Hope you have a lovely day! 🐕❤️☀️
@taffy_tarou 汚職捏造エロゲ警察!
@momos_1357 ありがとう でもイケボじゃない😢
@taffy_tarou えーと(´・ω:;.:... このクソイケボ!(°Д°)
@Daddy_Taffy @MiguelDelaney 😂😂😂 he was dangerously invisible I tell you.
RT @ABBestphotos: Correction, I had it all wrong :) The #skunk I thought was a baby brought her 4 baby skunks through our yard a few… https://t.co/iutP27GEas
RT @ArchieLakeland: Good morning everypawdy.... I've found a sunpuddle 😊☀️😊 https://t.co/tUmrxmV9FK
RT @BaseballkingJP: 【スタメン】中日-DeNA(ナゴヤドーム) ◆ DeNA (右)神里 (中)桑原 (一)佐野 (左)筒香 (三)宮崎 (二)山下 (捕)嶺井 (投)石田 (遊)大和 #baystars
RT @NWDogRescue: My name is 🐾SOX🐾 and I need a home and a family please. Please RT my details and an enquiry-form here https://t.co/lKk1z3CpdD
RT @KimKierkegaard: On National Selfie Day, remember to use duck face. It says: my soul has wings to fly, but I prefer to waddle
RT @maggieNYT: So the exact opposite of what her spokeswoman said? Gotcha. https://t.co/fjbquWomTC
RT @miamifoxpub: Want to become a fully fledged, #published #author visit https://t.co/p89lwKYKSy for more details!… https://t.co/rQ76dt2Yh1
Now how you figure I know 😂😂 but 5 https://t.co/rApGasMKY8