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RT @0g_kayyy: i want a private relationship ❤️ but ion want you out here acting like you single 😬 ...
RT @cccleland: @mayday2744 @Crossbowman1 If I lived close I'd definitely go with you. I'll be with you in spirit. Not as good, I k… https://t.co/ybtojNs5Bn
@Taffy_Gun Abro el taller sobre las nueve de la mañana, puedes traerla a que la vea y depende de lo que le pase o q… https://t.co/jNvDGfFoqI
a prophecy is a taffy: green, pathologic
RT @DRCameroncps: Room 405 may have just developed the best tasting Taffy Apples in the city! The secret Ingredients are for Cameron… https://t.co/Eh1DhI4ZDL
@Listen2Lena A11. Christmas Eve pjs & Making snow taffy :) #ChristmasCentralTHD
RT @kenziepeters2: So I ate my last laffy taffy & now I’m super sad
So I ate my last laffy taffy & now I’m super sad
RT @Haleigh_Evette: i did my moms makeup and she felt really pretty, and now she’s crying because my dad laughed at her. rt if you thin… https://t.co/6qhhPst8sf
RT @Candace_Dx: Taffy Lane in Ottawa is the best!!! #ChristmasCentralTHD https://t.co/pxhmfgtRc3
RT @LeagueOfLegends: PBE Preview Hextech Kog'Maw (loot-exclusive) https://t.co/IKoOMiN6Z4
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/C6wkjDvKrv 1 Scary Horror Story - Tommy Taffy (Part 3 - Finale') - Nightmare
Chocolate laffy taffy is basically a big flat tootsie roll but a lot grosser
rip taffy you were the best damn hamster ever :,( https://t.co/rq9C8fSCOD
Possibly the greatest Laffy Taffy joke: Q: What did the horse say when he tripped? A: Help! I've fallen and I can'… https://t.co/pd7ztg3xLO
Laffy Taffy radio is a pregame must
a bifurcation is a taffy: coastwise and red-faced
@MarkMan23 @round2hollywood Damn. I’m not a fan of the Air Max beside the Air Max Unlimited. I’ll call these Salt Water Taffy
RT @DJChadBandz: I’m commitment shy so when my feelings get involved I tend to run.
バスガイドワンちゃん? https://t.co/sn08quTCKm
RT @Amii_stuff: So uh i made a new babby She's Taffy im plannin to use her in some new animation plans n stuff… https://t.co/5icaJbEycC
@Alwaysabean banana laffy taffy is more beautiful than you will ever be fight me
Round 2 of @colourpopcosmetics new Holiday 2017 collection! Everything is so beautiful! Pictured is the new All I S… https://t.co/1xkLlHMZ2a
@taffy_bby Brooooo