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Tem milhares de TaeYeon na minha tl com o mesmo icon
3.Her Father once said, Taeyeon, ever since, has always been taeyeon(Calm).
ฉันชอบวิดีโอ @YouTube https://t.co/HXJSipcj60 TAEYEON 태연_Why_Music Video
RT @yoonvisual: taeyeon_ss "ถึงขนมปัง มาใช้เวลาในวันหยุดด้วยกันเถอะ" via SonexStella https://t.co/v3efMTwf4Z
RT @believeTaeny: Look at the girl grp looking at taeyeon in admiration. https://t.co/x8zuWdZkLX
RT @_kimtaeyeons: I can totally imagine goin on a date with Taeyeon ASDFGHJKKLASSFGHHKLADFHJ https://t.co/0CYbT6GC4J