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RT @anjeu67: A fair warning to Taeyeon. Vocalist Yuri is here. 😂 https://t.co/3dSp5QADa6
RT @cleft_chin: Taeyeon talking about Yuri: 2008 - "Why are you so tall?" 2015 - "Why are you so tall?" 2018 - "I love you so much" we love a GLO UP
RT @Gatoonmonpark: จงอินคือแบบตลก โดนถามว่าชอบนักร้องญี่ปุ่นวงไหน น้องตอบ CBX โคตรได้555555555555555555555555
RT @DOYOUNG_TH: [UPDATE]✨ ig story : taeyeon_ss โดยองได้ส่งอัลบั้มให้กับรุ่นพี่แทยอนด้วยค่ะ #도영 #DOYOUNG https://t.co/Wzc8SC9PdO
RT @starcrossed309: Somebody please save taeyeon 😆😂 https://t.co/x1PboVHGOk
RT @Orrism: HELLO MONDAY 💜 สัปดาห์แห่งคอนเสิร์ตของแทยอน การเริ่มต้นทัวร์คอนเสิร์ตครั้งใหม่ กับ ‘s... TAEYEON CONCERT @ SEOUL :… https://t.co/1uBPq5W09A
RT @JYISW: Sometimes I wonder why iu has never collaborated with taeyeon or eunji, or other high vocal range artist and I came… https://t.co/7nSWkify5N
RT @tinker_39_bell: 어제 뜬 티저랑 탱스타 합쳐봐써요 #태연 #taeyeon 1400x932 😶 https://t.co/FcImmSLrVR https://t.co/WSzJfUDDGl
RT @starcrossed309: Somebody please save taeyeon 😆😂 https://t.co/x1PboVHGOk
“SONE, Thank you so much. We have so many schedules, and you get tired together with us. And to the SNSD members as… https://t.co/P0d44jbK4g
RT @taeyeonhub: Taeyeon doesn’t like having spare time bc it feels empty and lonely. 😪 when she has spare time and maybe nothing to… https://t.co/46U8tFj8vr
RT @starcrossed309: Somebody please save taeyeon 😆😂 https://t.co/x1PboVHGOk
@taeyeonhub lmfao taeyeon is so soooooo......
RT @taeyeonhub: This is the Taeyeon we know and love. https://t.co/bhkvrNpKkm