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@chihuahua_pg 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。
Rain drop Drop top I put the Chihuahua in a Crock Pot
RT @Sadieisonfire: Some dude been sending me snaps of his old ass chihuahua just like this almost every day for like two weeks straight https://t.co/PMPbHkylSR
Meet Magnolia!, an adoptable Chihuahua looking for a forever home. If you’re looking for a new pet t https://t.co/4GxaHlcxXj
hey i pissed on the floor
@cherubot they arent scary i had a chihuahua that acted tough but the moment you came near him he peed
RT @UKRescueDogs: #SouthWales Seren is a one year old Chihuahua cross Jack Russell, very small and sweet girl that is in rescue ...… https://t.co/tg8jahttPl
current weather in Chihuahua: clear sky, 6°C 38% humidity, wind 3kmh, pressure 1016mb
I'd want a dog I can ride into battle not some pussy boy ratty chihuahua
He's funny bc he named his chihuahua Donald I laughed so hard hearing all of this so early in the morning y'all don't even understand
RT @AdamRosenberg16: New baby arriving soon #dog #puppy #petsarelife #chihuahua #enjoythejourney @dudeswithdogs Not named yet.... https://t.co/tLt4ix4qG3
They both have dogs and the lady has some fancy white pooch and the guy has a chihuahua
Chihuahua: 6:33am: sunrise sunset will be at 6:01pm
@TinyChristophe gus don´t be a miopic chihuahua
RT @takenoko_oisyne: 3/17っておたまちゃんの誕生日やないか玉担リクエストバンバン送った方がいいのでは&千賀担は振付の話振ってもらえるようにリクエストした方がいいのでは&北山担は言わずともやってそうやないか
RT @MoValAnimals: Male Chihuahua may be available on Mar 1 https://t.co/nOqxLf5pEz #adoptdontshop #savealifeadopt #spayandneuter… https://t.co/KUuuSXgaoq
エール入れて1回戦勝った(笑)✨ 他はコヨミとソフィ。 でも、準決勝フルボッコ(笑)😆 自分の腕では奇跡だ~🐶 フラットサーブなのに、めっちゃ遅い😑179㌔って💦 https://t.co/15dhe65mB4
@Gregco5088 Can I have half a point for finding a distressed chihuahua?? https://t.co/ykKkggvIyV
RT @thehomeofdogs: Happy Chihuahua 🐶 Share with others if You like it ❤ #chihuahua #chihuahuas #chihuahualove #chihuahuaworld… https://t.co/miAlYWx4Pj
RT @AlonsoMendezTor: El Débil Sistema Frontal No 30 Ha ingresado a Territorio Nacional por el Norte de #Chihuahua y #Sonora Provocará Fu… https://t.co/w4bSk8yg7H
El Nuevo PRI de EPN.Javier Duarte, Veracruz;César Duarte,Chihuahua; Roberto Borge, Quintana Roo,Rodrigo Medina, en … https://t.co/gngmhbkxm5
They call me Pablo. I am an altered male chihuahua/mixed breed mix. https://t.co/liOxZ83EFW https://t.co/wqdjnC4diV