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@Taavon_3 You can tho they phoney as shit
didn't see terio in a minute 😂😂😂 https://t.co/7fbVk00Xlj
@410Quise @NiceJordans you can't even tell that's blue
these the ones you said you do or don't @410Quise https://t.co/Srg4U2DMfz
damn the Orioles dropped to 3rd place
yall mind if I praise god?
@Taavon_3 I ain't got one la nigga 😂
talk of the city nigga I'm what all the talk about
I ain't looking for no hand outs nigga , don't spoon feed me I'm a grown up
RT @SN_Ohio: Klay Thompson in 2k17: 90 Draymond Green in 2k17: 90 Kyrie Irving in 2k17: 89 https://t.co/gN3jiEpWkZ
@chargedupp_ @BeforeFamePics hell yeah you see em throwing them quick jabs😂
@Taavon_3 @BeforeFamePics he was out there getting it though😂💯
RT @Bigs_427: @Taavon_3 @410Quise I'm trying be the next ace boogie
@Taavon_3 @410Quise I'm trying be the next ace boogie
@Bigs_427 @Taavon_3 You could be the next jimmy Hendrix
@Taavon_3 guitar not for me plus I already got a music credit