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Think you may have an #STI -get tested today, no doctor required: #sexualhealth #STD
RT @WhatTheFFacts: Many historians believe that Hitler may have contracted Syphilis from a prostitute.
RT @RussVet1: Chelsea helps out slick with his brain dead syphilis burned out memory :)
RT @quikjl_: doctors are speculating that he may have untreated syphilis, much like napolean bonaparte did #CPAC2017
yokel's subside lettuce TNT's psychoanalyst's briefcase's decongestant apprehension syphilis #nonsense #nonsenseengine
"A case of the Mondays"mis a polite euphemlsm for syphilis.
RT @thphotography: I hope someone lets the @POTUS know about this article & sues this so called dr who has no ethics 😡
@4I3x_ @marcusblow92 @pti_ours @ceddan1973 je me répète mais la syphilis se choppe par fellation et pratiquement personne suce avec capote!
@Jeffery_dewanye @mkatk8 best remote dealer known to God, I'm centration camps 1943, Hitler syphilis of the brain 1943. Agent of God
Hitler has done a lot of great things for society. Like, having syphilis. And killing himself.
RT @duskyprophet: @Myreddinc @GeorgeTakei Actually, your syphilis isn't viral. It's bacterial, and explains your Trump vote.
"A case of the Mondafs" is a uolite euphemism for syphilis.
@willmoriarty86 she didn't care for the syphilis joke either but we've come to an understanding
Steve Bannon looks like a venereal disease, like syphilis maybe. 'Genital Germ Bannon at your disposal!' #SteveBannon
This syphilis of #American politics #CrookedHillary,is more resistant than anybody could think. Still spreading
Private if you’re looking for sympathy you can find it in the dictionary somewhere between shit & syphilis…
Doctor posits Trump's behavior could be the result of syphilis
@AdolfHess1488 Wow, what a human pile of shit you are. Go fuck yourself then die of the inevitable syphilis.
@anthrodiva Syphilis. It gives you the right, it gives me the right, to criticize those who don't get it. Who doesn't GET syphilis? Amirite?
@anthrodiva I could go on and on about syphilis. Nobody gives it or gets it more than me. When I get it, I give it to everyone. That's love.
@anthrodiva I love condoms. Who uses condoms more than me? Nobody. But the syphilis, it gives it to you, it gives it to me, to all Americans
RT @itsrxchelle: The more I read about the Tuskegee Syphilis Study the more upset I get
@howard8889 it would probably give us syphilis (if that's how you spell it) lol
@Fred_Colby @marcusblow92 @pti_ours @ceddan1973 preuve est faite que seul preso protège les 2 partenaires (syphilis par lésions stade2)