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@z_Synthesis_z please feel better so can see you on twitch stream ok
RT @agentsimmoms: a synthesis between fitz irl and fitz in the framework
@z_Synthesis_z Looks beautifully moist to me x
Crotons do synthesis even without light and many other plants do. But Basil is a damning hoax of half boiled fellow…
特別問題の教ジャンに「特定の守護アルカナ的存在はない」みたいなこと書いてるんだよなぁ まぁそれがアメ使わないということかは謎だけど
“Innovatiebeleid moet kiezen voor het werken aan een betere wereld” na Brexit and Trump | Nesta via nesta_uk
RT @HeladosProd: El álbum “Synthesis” de @SoberRock fue producido por Oscar Clavel y grabado en los estudios Kirios y Eurosonic.…
[PH] Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of POMs-based compounds based on binuclear [M2(3-bpo)2] (M=Co, Cu)…
@cloutier_chase @audiopotato what does this mean for the future of affordable analogue synthesis?
RT @una_jar: CASIO CZ-101 Digital Phase Distortion Synthesis 1985年 (位相歪曲)
“Why we invested in Myra - a potent synthesis of technology and operations” by @tarun_davda
RT @kendrariley: fact: alcohol decreases muscle protein synthesis & if you consistently drink your body will break down more muscle than you have=muscle loss
RT @hardmaru: Char2Wav: Great progress towards Speech Synthesis without requiring years of language-specific feature engineering!…
@sakuraneko_0424 りんごにペンをさそうとしたけどペンが折れた
Have you heard ‘SYNTHESIS-NA BIGOR RMX’ by savovich on #SoundCloud? #np
after inquisitively googling abt artificial gene synthesis im deep into wiki Mitochondrial Eve evolutionary theory
RT @CaloriesProper: Ketone body synthesis in the brain: possible neuroprotective effects
infinite synthesisはライブで聴いてから好きになった
@jacobfooy her statement isn't completely valid, not data shows you will break down more muscle than you have. EtOH inhibits synthesis of