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Symonds: Being written off is a plus via @loverugbyleague
@sir_symonds downloading as we speak will report back
RT @atomsareenough: To be fair, just about all the faces in the WH are already white to begin with.
RT @wongalum: A man is cleaning up the graffiti at Bank of America. "I support people," he told a bystander who opposes him.…
RT @AWMmath: Women in Maths brings us this piece on Ria Symonds.
RT @SoysauceShawty: When he stops cuddling u & sleeps facing the other way
RT @chescaleigh: so. you commemorate #BlackHistoryMonth by...not mentioning ONE black person? you really just all lives mattered bla…
RT @HalSparks: As #BlackHistorymonth begins we remember what a white guy did cuz we don't know who Frederick Douglass is and he's…
RT @JQAIII: Bruh... these the type of mfs I go to school with
RT @totallypeachy_: the four horsemen of the apocalypse
RT @alynesen: I can't believe Beyoncé invented pregnancy
RT @jmaaayne: to me being queer is about love, resistance, and self expression and it makes me happy and proud to be queer.
I deleted that game 8 hours ago and it's still messing with me
@sir_symonds too many memories of getting rejected and lead on. I do not recommend downloading this game
Downloaded a "game" called Seen, which is basically just Emily Is Away for the phone. Bad idea. Made me too emotional, had to delete.
RT @SteveKronerSF: @bpweise Simply wondering: Why do these folks who bash Berkeley not know how to spell it? They put the "j" in "jenious."
RT @mattdpearce: indeed, one way to show conservative credentials is to start a club called "Fascism Forever"
RT @NerdyWonka: Raid that killed 8 yr old American girl & a Navy Seal? Pres. Obama vetoed due to bad intelligence. Trump gave the ok