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Escape Plan 2: Sylvester Stallone mostra video dal set con rivelazione finale!
RT @girlposts: me up at 4am: tomorrow I'm gonna wake up early, eating healthier, be more active, drink more water, run for 45mins…
@EvertonEFC1878 @sylvester_hands Merci Pour Votre Vision Superieur,bonne Suite De Temps
A hundred clones of Paula Deen banged a hot dad because jeebus. I am Sylvester Stallone's forehead.
Sylvester Stallone's Daughters On Their Dad's Instagram, Bringing Boys H... via @YouTube
@EvertonEFC1878 err yes it is, considering the 100's of millions who follow Islam.
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@sylvester_hands yes, it's not a tiny minority is it
RT @blogoit: Escape Plan 2: foto e video dal set con Stallone
Escape Plan 2: foto e video dal set con Stallone
RT @Levi_1328: 'BOOM BOOM' boi got the clapper 🔫
Vibe Boutique Records is proud to present Come Over (Kelvin Sylvester Remix), a beat-driven remix of Al...
ada sampah nemplok di rumah gw.. hati ini sdah terpana dgn pak @basuki_btp no 2 #takkankalah #HajiDjarotBikinDamai
anyone else think that rock hudson and sylvester stallone look like they could be brothers?
Sylvester Stallone e Dave Bautista nel primo video dal set di #EscapePlan2
SYLVESTER STALLONE sul set di ESCAPE PLAN 2 con un simpatico robot picchiatore -->
I'm just not even gonna bother anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃
To be, or what? ― Sylvester Stallone