Tweets about a recent trend: Syllables

RT @1DsShadow: Leigh: "no its two syllables, ee-un" Perrie: "WE'RE SAYING TWO SYLLABLES, EEEN" This will never not be funny
@Fusion . . . your point? Could you articulate? (You might need to look that word up! It's 4 whole syllables!!
@nprmonkeysee Merriam-Webster is with me on the three syllables, not four side of the fence
@jbendery Two syllables... Big werdz
RT @jfenster: Students say it all / in seventeen syllables / their doubts of Donald haiku on @POTUS from San Jose by @EdSource
@TrumpinTheShark No wonder he usually speaks in single syllables. More than that and he doesn't know actual meaning of word.😂 @Fahrenthold
@teiandcake omg Tei they're not even the same amount of syllables how could they rhyme I'm so confused for you ;0;
@SirSnoops_ @Candace_Imani you break down Maya name into 3 syllables when "Caroline" come on. Don't @ me 💀
"it's not mary, it's mary-katherine." your name went from 2 syllables to 6... for why...
why do people say POV aloud when it has the same syllables as just saying point of view?
@boomshxnka I think that's too many syllables for people who think like that
@cmrx64 Too many syllables.
@vikrum5000 it saves a few syllables.
@francescalyn @MarkOStack PLOT TWIST Canstacklyn STILL has less syllables than my real last name
Rapper NoClue is the World's Fastest Rapper with 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds (14.1 syllables per second).
3 words, 4 syllables Box Braid Market
@LaurasMiscMovie slightly OT: is Tokyo 3 syllables or 2?
I just remembered that I didn't stan sf9 when they debuted because of the pronunciation of fanfare with 3 syllables not 2 idk it irked me
RT @emheb: "Fuck you, Donald Trump" is 5 syllables // a potential slam dunk for ending a haiku.
RT @gabrielszatan: Tracklist for the show for those inclined. Lots of softness, lots of syllables, lots of great stuff…