Tweets about a recent trend: Swisher

RT @QueMarley: Now everybody rolling backwoods how sweet, I swore ya smoked swisher sweets!
RT @YoungEscobar_: If I tell you roll up and you pull out a swisher, just pick up your shit and go home.
fuck a swisher is pure heat
10 more minutes then I can get a swisher
Late night swisher run.
2017 the year I see @smokepurpp live - fuck a swisher
RT @FewerGrant: If he run up on me like a swisher ima a bust em
shit ain't swisher for no one but some flexaholics flex harder
Fuck the world ! Always and forever, I only got love for myself and the people who got me. I just want that paper fuck the rest
Fire in the street, fire in my swisher https://t.co/GtuJPIpXq7
RT @HiTommySwisher: First 10 people to repost this album art with the hashtag #RunwayToTheMoon will receive free stickers and a Tommy S… https://t.co/H6cf8ZBqFP
RT @chrxst1: chxpo flex like goku boy you flex like krillin
I'm hungry and I need a swisher
Need a swisher
i might have a few sleepless nights, a few empty bottles, a few swisher wrappers laying around this piece ..
So why the fuck would you think Ima buy swisher an I'm provider of the weed an you want me to get out an get the sw… https://t.co/njKaY7rGbu
Viroza pojebana ://///
Nesnasim kdyz bleju, a este vic nesnasim kdyz bleju v metru
Swisher on the track.