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Our deepest sympathies go out to Val, Paul and family. Vin certainly loved his Chiltern Swans. VALE Vin Shelley https://t.co/d3DaZhZhxS
RT @swanwatersmags: Just Pinned to Quotes: Feel like an Ugly Duckling? Worthless? Unlovable? This is a place for Ugly Ducklings to beco… https://t.co/BNyV9fLyFe
Wonderful to see my beloved family of #swans out enjoying the #spring sunlight 🌿😍🌿 https://t.co/qYFzLRDXZ6
RT @walesape: Here's a clip for #tubbytuesday of our footy fanatic Tubman obviously practising as a #swans fan & enjoying the… https://t.co/oahYNTdR1h
@scoopacoopa @Cowboyjet1 @sportingnewsau It’s always been the same. The swans get great crowds and shite ratings. T… https://t.co/hVQP2tNtCl
@makinggardens Hi Mg, such a lovely walk and so enjoyable, Butterflies Herons and Swans with the Pergrine falcon as well
@KreepyPieScream what a use of this gif, THANK YOU MORGAN!! My biggest beef with swans & cygnus is that there aren't ENOUGH buildings lmao
RT @NEWZOOGB: Our baby swans are already growing! They're getting quite good at following mom and dad on both land and water. Com… https://t.co/Y8gLarkXzy
"You girls are like the beautiful swans above the water and the boys are the feet frantically kicking and freaking out"
RT @AnneAulsebrook: Had a nightmare in which there were too many baby swans, and I didn't know how old they were or who their parents w… https://t.co/GchAG79RCg
The DEC explains that six mute swans were euthanized after one attacked a kayaker earlier this month. https://t.co/ItuLvxfNvl
Well well diff fans comment on Union JACK at swans games 🤔 https://t.co/pWzrDbiQoK
RT @IrelandsFarmers: Meant to post these earlier. I took this yesterday at the bridge just down from us here. It’s the two swans who liv… https://t.co/j1lCdUlJRq
@x09w9 i fell asleep at a swans concert once
Sarah Nicolls, Nicola Sweeney - Elena Kats-Chernin - Eliza's Aria, from Wild Swans ballet
Interesting, sad & sweet story: NYC Mystery Girl: Sue Hanel, Swans Missing Guitarist… https://t.co/bwwjO832RG
@ThePDTrustCEO I saw three swans in full flight about 10 feet above my head while I was walking the Damnation pup t… https://t.co/SzryTAhjQb
4 of 5 stars to The Four Swans by Winston Graham https://t.co/A45Vm9FfMH