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RT @AntFromCA: lmao we’re gonna get hoed
RT @WhatTheFFacts: Friendship isn't about who you spend the most time with, it's about who you have the best time with.
@ATTCares WHY if you serve this much of the Metroplex do you not have redundant systems? You may not be able to con…
RT @WellieBoyce: Nah bruh... See this couldn’t be me... if that was my son, I’d be in that bitch HYPING THAT NIGGA UP cause mans mad…
RT @02ESyRaez4VhR2l: プリングルズの空箱で工作しました! #papercraft #packingart
RT @MrPhenomenalBlu: I met a girl name Susie and I let her join the group 😍💙
#初めてヤったエロゲ教えろ 『同級生』発売から数年経っていたけど、噂に違わぬ面白さだった。主人公がキチガイで面白いw このゲームで僕は田中美沙に恋しました。 OVAも買ったよ! 3巻くらいまでは作画もクォリティ高かった。
RT @DannyTarkanian: .@SusieLeeNV - owner of 17 homes and a private plane - failed to pay her taxes nearly every year for over a decade……
RT @HamaYo1964: 【HuffPost KOREA】 <要約> 10/5、気象情報会社PRAEDICTIX WEATHERに勤務する気象学者Susie Martinはこの日、寝ている子供をおぶって天気予報放送に出演… 彼女は天気予報に先立って「今週…
@xicana_susie We just needed get in FG range 😭
I met a girl name Susie and I let her join the group 😍💙
Damn 49ers are stressing me out right now 😩
Feeling so good rn 🤫😌
RT @DannyTarkanian: .@SusieLeeNV’s MASH Village cost Nevada taxpayers $5 million dollars, didn’t make a dent in homelessness, FAILED an…
RT @umcornell: why the fuck bologna spelled like that
can we just reTHEFUCKwind this past week???
RT @AndreAtkins80: you’re right i should skip class
@syuger1965 ありがとうございます。:+((*′艸`))+:。