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RT @DR_SPN_PHD: 'Supernatural' Star Jensen Ackles and Wife Danneel Harris Welcome Twins, Find out Their Unique Names! via @Womanista
When you do the necessary things,the supernatural catches up with you @demolaawoyele #SuperSunday
RT @BRsobrenatural: Atores de #Supernatural reunidos nos bastidores de gravação: by @JerryTrimble
My twitter consists of: #eyewitness fangirling #shadowhuntersseason2 OMG MATT'S POSTER TODAY YAAAY #Supernatural mid-season finale??!!
RT @Writing_Novel: "There is a strong message, one which elevates MORIUM above its supernatural/young adult rivals." ➡…
Prayer gives you a supernatural boldness that you cannot get by any other means. #ALDUBInfanticipating #BakitDawGovMadam
RT @amyshaped: .@mishacollins & @RobBenedict - Saturday - Salute to Supernatural San Francisco 2016 #SPNSF
Nada contra Supernatural estar ai enquanto Hannibal e etc foram canceladas nada contra não
i finished supernatural and now idk what to do with my life
RT @JensenAckles: Hey @JDMorgan I found this in the trunk...can I try it out?. Don't miss tonight's episode. It's a knockout!…
RT @amyshaped: .@mishacollins - Saturday - Salute to Supernatural San Francisco 2016 #SPNSF
Zamiast się zacząć uczyć oglądam supernatural fajnie:)
@NICOLASAGNE2 supernatural ça va te plaire jsuis sûre
FINALLY got around to watching 12x07 loved it!!!! #supernatural
RT @2blondesmedia: New Supernatural Thriller rated higher than King’s "IT" by Amazon Readers- #stephenking…
@amyackcr does this mean smelly is gonna have a kid & name it supernatural
if you dont watch supernatural or prison break wyd with ur life
Put everything in order to experience the supernatural @demolaawoyele #SuperSunday
RT @secrettranspod: Ep36 Elisa Lam Death Mystery Lots of theories! #conspiracy #supernatural #PodernFamily