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RT @book_tribe: • #PNR Serena must pursue her fated mate even though he's forbidden or her world will end.
RT @caswithtwos: how I sleep at night knowing I've spent more than 195 hours of my life watching supernatural
RT @groupchats_pl: daj tu rt, jeśli chcesz być w grupowym dm fanów supernatural «musisz obserwować to konto lub mieć otwarte dms»
RT @tbraun_author: "If Theresa released an anthology of #shortstories it could easily rival King!" #bookreview #horror…
RT @margackles: Me when every episode of Supernatural starts:
RT @mchantel: Becos we’re sinners, vengeance is a natural inclination, so pray to God for the supernatural inclination to forgiveness #PrayerLifeLoading
voy a empezar supernatural
@matthue Brew pub? Supernatural Supermarket? Actually Gobblin' King fried chicken franchise meeting?
RT @lovelyweird0: bitch......did she just stand on the ceiling???
Supernatural é uma das melhores séries ❤❤❤
RT @jarpadjen: Imagina eu e tu Fim de semana Te convido pra assistir supernatural Você fala que o Castiel é desnecessário TERMINAMOS
RT @pulah_anu: Starting of a new #Supernatural week 🙌 Happy Mon #spnfamily 😘💕 We will again get to see our boys in action 😍👊🔫💣🔪🔥 f…
RT @heroesfanfest: "I've always said I'd come back to Supernatural before it ends, and I stand by that. I'd like to finish John's stor…
RT @ICCamilleri: #FREE #supernatural #thriller He changes the natural course of events, rewriting destiny..…
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