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MÃE : Filha vc pega grto mais velho??? EU: LÓGICO mãe quem gosta de criança e supernanny
RT @swoftyoon: joon literally tiddy fed bts into fame dont direspect OUR supernanny :((
joon literally tiddy fed bts into fame dont direspect OUR supernanny :((
My new favorite show is Cat vs Dog it's like Supernanny for animals
I have very little to zero tolerance for parents who don’t scold their naughty lil monsters. & I’m a big fan of Supernanny.
I liked a @YouTube video 11 Year Old Chatting To Older Boys On The Internet | Supernanny
@whilelucy não acredito que somos a supernanny será q vai ter cantinho do pensamento tb
Die Supernanny belehrt Eltern jetzt überflüssig? jetzt auch mit lustigen Schlagzeilen #deppenpunkte
parenting tip for punishment has to be supernanny's naughty step - works every time
Can supernanny come back on TV pls!!!
Guess I’ll be watching supernanny tonight
i remember when my aunt and her kids were on supernanny. those fucking KIDS
I liked a @YouTube video Girl Throws Angry Tantrum When She's Not In Charge | Supernanny
That the supernanny program is a hoax. I know some families who need it.
My mom when we’d watch SuperNanny together and Jo disciplined a child
I liked a @YouTube video 5Yr Old Throws Brother Into Wall | Supernanny
I liked a @YouTube video 3 year old twin breaks his brothers leg | Supernanny
I liked a @YouTube video 4 year old girl looks after 3 year old autistic brother | Supernanny
I liked a @YouTube video "Mummy I'm Dying"- child shouts as mum tries to do sleep separation | Supernanny
@markosuomi Yleensä neuvoni auttavat. Asiassa kuin asiassa. T. Supernanny-Suomi