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RT @carolpicatostes: A ver... parece un capítulo de SúperNanny...
@Supernanny vous agissez aux états unis?
A ver... parece un capítulo de SúperNanny...
Det blir arga snickaren, extreme home makeover, lyxfällan, biggest looser och supernanny i 1 program.
Giving in to temper tantrums is never a good idea
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - SuperNanny: El Niño HijodePuta).
This little boy is desperate for more quality time with dad
Supernanny is always an interesting show to watch....
Supernanny is such a guilty pleasure
New on our YouTube channel - Dealing with a very angry child #Supernanny
Smart, ambitious & career-driven; meet the Supernannies
The latest Chico Stylist Daily! Thanks to @Supernanny #harvey #gameofthrones
RT @corethemovie: Thank you @DeborahLTillman of Lifetime TVs America's Supernanny for your advocacy against bullying!
Förra veckan sändes första programmet i serien” Supernanny” på svensk tv. Medverkande då var… @UnitedNewsofUSA
¿Cómo explicar a los niños lo ocurrido en los atentados? ¡Supernanny!
Check out these tips from the Supernanny site specially for parents of twins
@SkyNewsBreak We need to send in @supernanny to North Korea and put Kim Jong-Un on the naughty step for his unacceptable behaviour
I liked a @YouTube video 10yr Old Attacks Mom | Supernanny
RT @ThreadAlliance: How to handle anger positively with your kids - It matters more than you think! via @Supernanny…
@TotsSouthEssex thank you so much, that's wonderful to hear
RT @TotsSouthEssex: LOVE these little Reward Charts by @Supernanny! Her website is the first place i visit when tackling toddler issues…
@Rocioramos_paul @atrevetedial Buenos dias SuperNanny 👌👌👌👌
Ți-o mai amintești pe „dădaca” Irina Petrea? Este incredibil ce s-a ales de „supernanny” după ce a dispărut de pe...