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what happened to supermac18?
When we would watch pretty little liars, watch supermac18 videos and eat potstickers😂😂
So, I've been rewatching old Supermac18 videos. Is this a problem? Or, is it me reliving my early high school years?
I've been an active member of the YouTube community for 7 yrs now, back when LisaNova, SuperMac18, KassemG, & others were in their prime
When you find out that Charlie Puth was the voice of "December Jokes" song in Supermac18's videos..😱
let's take a moment to remember supermac18
what happened to supermac18 used to watch him on YouTube all the time was so obsessed
What ever happened to supermac18?
@Supermac18 where have you been?!
what ever happened to supermac18
Remember supermac18
i just finshed watching supermac18 videos.go watch them on you tube click on the place to write the name and just write supermac18.
Supermac18 - Target Dance Party via @YouTube OMG I WAS OBSESSED WITH THIS GUY
stop what you are doing. go to YouTube. search supermac18. click videos and set it oldest to newest. watch them all. quality content