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Watching Super High Me for the first time: "we're selling weed for the lord on Hollywood Blvd" is my new favorite line of any movie
@jetta_rae the same with Doug Loves Movies, although I do think SUPER HIGH ME is a legit great doc-comedy film
Currently watching "Super High Me" in psychology class to study 'Addiction'. @DougBenson
Super high me見て凄い吸いたくなった
blue adele votó con un 5 a "Super High Me" en Filmaffinity
RT @Glass_Porn: Dad: I'm on a flight next to some rapper who is super high Me: Haha yeah right Dad:
@DougBenson sounds like the perfect slogan for the "Mildon't" product you thought up during the dry days of Super High Me
Saturday night super high me ordered a tapestry off eBay and it arrived TODAY in an Amazon prime box
@ChrisChinPierce but you stole this joke from Super High Me? Lol
@Furlang_ parca, fuma um e assiste "super high me" é um documentário sobre a maconha, e dahora em kkk
ver a lauren super high me dá uns negócio preciso dar uns pt
En Netflix hay documentales súper interesantes, recomiendo "Super High Me"
Bouta b on my Super High Me shit
Vou assistir Super High Me pela milésima vez
vou fazer um super high me
Mdr super high me c'est comme super size me sauf qu'à la place de macdo c'est de la beuh