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RT @nawafsale: دَع الأيام تفعَلُ مَاتَشاءُ . وَطِب نَفسًا إِذَا حكم القَضَاءُ ولا تجَزع لِحَادِثَة اللَّيَالِيَ . فما لحوادث الدُنيا بَقَاءُ
RT @3_een: وبعد ماراحت البسمه , وصرت أحزَن ! عرفت إنّ الحياه أجمَل بدون أحباب :)
@AllyC0nway Chip and Joanna Gaines are everything goals
Belle-Nikole putain noir sur l'appareil photo pour votre divertissement de visualisation
Now playing on OSN Radio (@osnradio) Closer Than Close by Rosie Gaines #OSN #NowPlaying (
RT @almoustahlek1: #صحيفة_المستهلك برنامج الإسكان الجديد يقلص مدة الانتظار من 11 الى 5 سنوات
I left 😴😴😴😴 so I can't respond . Lol — lol I'm so confused
The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines on @bloglovin
RT @CIERRAmistttt: if you don't want to be joanna gaines who are you?????
RT @wdb_0: #ليتك_تدري ان بعض الناس راحت للعالمية بالترشيح .. يفضحي فضحاه ي فضحي فضحاه 😜
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RT @Gaines_Street: Gaines Street Community Assn presents "The Souk" on Gaines every sunday-- Brunch, Local Music and Tally's largest F…
Ive always Loved this song & because of My Girl Tiffany Gaines I can finally relate, Because of My Girl Ive been...
RT @lexj35: @cgor12 😂 nah you never text me gaines don't try it
@cgor12 😂 nah you never text me gaines don't try it
34% done with The Magnolia Story, by Chip Gaines
@nijayw @CaptainB_Raw don't say something you've already said before , jokes be getting old buzzo
@wicked_gaines @CaptainB_Raw don't make me get on that big ass head