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I believe that braun strowman has brock lesnar number because he man handle him at summerslam. But if braun wins we know who can beat him
RT @Worm4Life35: @HeyHeyItsConrad, can't believe that these 3 legends, icons, hall of famers are no longer with us, just rewatched s…
DYK: When @NatbyNature won the #SDLive Women's title at #SummerSlam, she became the 1st female in history to win 3 SummerSlam matches. #WWE
@WWEShop are we gonna get a DVD/blue ray release of summerslam pretty soon?
RT @jesseisbest: #SummerSlam @BrockLesnar needs to get his ass suspended that was bullshit @RandyOrton won period
@SoDuTw Are we still confident in these after what happened at SummerSlam?
RT @sofianelevesque: "WWE SummerSlam 2017 John Cena vs Baron Corbin Official Match Card" : via @YouTube
RT @WWE: .@JohnCena is ready for action vs. @VivaDelRio on #SDLive ... His @SummerSlam opponent @AJStylesOrg is not amused.
I liked a @YouTube video WWE Summerslam 2002 Review | Wrestling With Wregret
John Cena's legacy is falling apart here on @Fallout. Big win for Reigns as he heads towards rebuilding the #RomanRmpire at #SummerSlam
RT @Cjolivencia1: #SummerSlam this is an amazing match with #TheDemon
RT @FallonTonight: .@WWE's @TripleH body slams Jimmy through his desk during Thank You Notes #SummerSlam
RT @WWEPPorn: Help us reach 200K for #SummerSlam🎉 SHARE, RETWEET, tell a friend! Thanksssss 🏆
when finn got beat by Bray and "embarrassed" but then you realize that meant the Demon King was going to be at summ…
RT @MarineFanArt: Pour No Mercy, je fais un dessin avec tout les gagnants + logo comme pour celui de SummerSlam ? À vous de choisir😁
RT @VKMisobsolete: So.. what the fuck did Rusev do to deserve this shit? #SummerSlam
RT @PAULALGAZ: Your Universal BROCK LESNER!!! Smashed Roman,Brawn and Joe at SummerSlam @WWE BROCK is not leaving WWE.. EAT SLEEP…
RT @jakubek0206: #Demon has been victorious at #SummerSlam. YES!!!
RT @Rmarbled: The #SummerSlam fatal 4-way felt like it was written by a five year-old. #WWE Please replace Kevin Dunn with this five year-old!
RT @Steve75202137: @SummerSlam @WWE @JinderMahal This just bull shit the last 2 matches I can not watch. I guess I am going to ask fo…