Snowden says will vote in US presidential election: ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Edward Snowden, in exile in Moscow ...
RT @PrisonPlanet: Ex-US Diplomat Warns Hillary Will Start Nuclear War With Russia & China -
A special complex will train fighters how to respond to terrorist attacks
@SitaramYechury communists in Russia China destroyed human rights self pride equality of entire people why Bastard Yechuri not tweet on it
RT @NetworksManager: #Obama+Hillary Clinton say worried Trump +Middle America desire 2 move closer to Russia meanwhile they ally w #MUSLIMS who koran say KILL US
В России появятся новые Citroen C4 Picasso ➡ Читать далее
True. Invasion and war against Ukraine by Russia. Must STOP NOW!
RT @nytimesworld: Diplomacy and espionage make for an uneasy mix after a Russian's death in Britain.
@Morning_Joe @morningmika @JoeNBC And keep in mind, Russia has all the incentive to hit us and especially the Saudis.
@PutinR WE get encouragement watchingOleg Gozmanov Forward Russia video. Love the Patiotism that we are not allowed to show here for America
Я.Новости | Финансы: Кремль объяснил переход на новую систему мониторинга СМИ «Катюша»
RT @IncallinDelhi: Only hotties from Moscow and other popular Russian cities in New Delhi available for incalls
"Why the US will not divulge its Syria deal with Russia?" Par ex, la France n'est même pas au courant des détails...
Chính phủ #Nga ký nghị định ưu tiên hàng nội địa trong mua sắm công
RT @MoscowTimes: Prosecutors in Russia's Dagestan Begin Investigation Into FGM
@MarcWashika @BBCWorld @BBCNews Bawhahahaha don't tell me tell the don..hes the one that 'loves debt' ... TO RUSSIA W/LOVE?
@TrumpTronics Lol How's Moscow this time of year?
RT @treehouseticket: Exciting news! BILLY will launch his LDBM art book in Russia and we'll host 2 exclusive ev…
Accueil des migrants : le village d'Allex dans la Drôme se déchire
RT @Sacha_Koula: Two new FIDH reports on #Russia #Kyrgyzstan #Kazakhstan: ordeal of migrant workers and their families via @fidh_en
RT @hjk07helsinki: Tänään kohti Veronaa! Mukana turnauksessa Juventus, AC Milan, Inter, Liverpool, Benfica, Lokomotiv Moscow, Hammarby... #niconelcuore #HJK ⚽️