RT @aravosis: Cnn now saying Trump White House contacted other agencies beyond FBI in order to get them to knock down Russia investigation story.
.@ChrisMurphyCT how many members of Congress are in Russia's pocket?
RT @mrsmacmccoy1: @nytimes find out about Russia!
RT @mikefarb1: Ok all Media do you get it now? Stop giving a shit about the White House. It's not where the news is. Turn over every stone Russia Trump.
RT @robreiner: Time for media to dig in hard to get the truth out about Trump ties to Russia. 1st amendment and life of our democracy depends on it.
RT @terrifoster1: It was his emails. Russia didn't write them...nor did the expose them. It's all on him.
RT @djrothkopf: The Russia cover-up story & the media lock-out story are the same story. Administration is hunkering down for the scandal that will end it.
RT @historylvrsclub: Saint Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square by Burt Glinn. Moscow, Russia. 1961.
RT @TheFix: 54% of people said Congress should investigate the Russia ties to the election in new NBC-WSJ poll
RT @TIME: Former Justice Department officials say FBI-White House chat may have broken rules
BREAKING: @WhiteHouse enlisted GOP lawmakers to cover up #TrumpRussia ties. Unbelievable. We must #InvestigateNow.
RT @CNN: FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories
RT @NydiaVelazquez: Reports that White House potentially tried to interfere with #FBI investigation of @POTUS & Russia are alarming. We need a #SpecialCounsel!
@SpyTalker @voxdotcom The flags were given out by pranksters, and had "Trump" printed on them.
RT @washingtonpost: Trump administration sought to enlist senior intelligence officials, lawmakers to counter Russia stories
@repblumenauer Have you seen this yet? <I am furious!
RT @washingtonpost: Trump administration sought to enlist senior intelligence officials, lawmakers to counter Russia stories
RT @sarahkendzior: UK officials now think Russia may have interfered with the Brexit vote
RT @JesseFFerguson: BREAKING. New NBC/WSJ Poll. 53% want Congress to probe Trump-Russia 25% do not cc: @SpeakerRyan @leadermitch
RT @markberman: The White House asked senior intel officials and members of Congress to call news outlets and dispute Russia storie…
RT @rmayemsinger: At the end of the day, he's an idiot. Does he think banning news outlets from the White House will stop them from chasing the Russia story?
RT @ananavarro: Dear media, WH is discriminating certain media outlets to distract you from the Russia/interfering with the FBI story. Coño! Stay focused.
RT @resisterhood: This is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee colluding w/ White House to minimize Russia reports. Indepe…
RT @funder: .$3,612 left to go! Help fund the largest anti Trump group in the world! #trumprussia #russiagate #resist #russia
RT @ZeddRebel: The reporting angle needs to be that Trump is SPECIFICALLY excluding news orgs that have broken news on his ties to Russia. Clear motive.