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I love a good russia skull drag
RT @securefreedom: Russia Threatens ‘Reaction’ to Proposed US Military Buildup The Kremlin of yesteryear is back
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RT @clairecmc: It's time for a select bipartisan committee on the involvement of Russia in this administration and election. Period. Stop. Public hearings.
RT @Impeach_D_Trump: RETWEET if you think Trump colluded with Russia during his campaign
RT @20committee: Time for #realtalk: #TrumpRussia is the most important issue we face right now. At this rate, Trump will prevail.
RT @funder: Today's hashtags: #TrumpRussia #TrumpLeaks #RussiaGate RT if you're gonna forget about the speech & focus on Russia #resist #theresistance
RT @KarenUniteWomen: When did one become #Presidential for being able to read lies from a teleprompter? #JointSession #TrumpLies #Russia
@professorasola oh, and now you're changing the subject to Russia?
RT @20committee: "Dull amateurism matched with naked partisanship constitutes most of what passes for media analysis of this issue."
RT @benimmo: Worth remembering what @mod_russia said, now that the @UN report has confirmed Syrian planes bombed the aid convoy.…
RT @ananavarro: In 12 hours, there's been more investigation/clarification re #Oscar2017 screw-up, than there's been of Trump/Russia ties in last 3 months.
@PP_Russia что бы вы сделали если бы до передачи пусть говорят знали бы о твиттерсков нашествии? Пошли бы?
RT @ikebarinholtz: Great speech. Totally made me forget the muslim ban and terrorizing of immigrants and trans kids and the Russia hack/coverup and pussy grab-
RT @Scattermae777M: BREAKING: USA demands impeachment of unstable Democrat Moo Moo Maxine Waters after she says Russia has taken Korea
RT @AJENews: US ambassador to the UN called the vetoes "abominable and indefensible choices"
RT @CharlesMBlow: At least Huntsman is an adult. BUT, Nothing detracts from these investigations into Russia hacking our election. No…
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