Champagne corks pop in Moscow for President Trump's inauguration - CBS News
RT @Poli_Critic: @BlissTabitha Who needs Russia as an enemy when we have the peaceful liberals to destroy America?
RT @jonathanweisman: Paul Manafort, Carter Page & Roger Stone are under federal investigation for possible links to Russian operatives.
RT @DavidCornDC: GOP Senator calls for investigating what the FBI did about Russia-Trump intelligence. via @MotherJones
RT @EricBoehlert: Trump should've had his parade in Moscow--would've drawn bigger crowds
RT @ZeddRebel: He takes office with a minimum of four close associates under investigation for ties to Russia. One lives in Trump Tower.
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RT @davidaxelrod: Most world leaders heard today's Inaugural w/concern. Exceptions in Beijing & Moscow, who will welcome U.S. withdrawal from global stage.
RT @christogrozev: While we watched the #inaugiration distraction, Russia & Syria signed a 50-year agreement for deployment of RU nuclear subs/ Syria.
RT @rayna_stclair: @zanderzermeno Let's foster good relations with Russia. Give him to Putin. KGB his sorry evil🐴 Deserves it, he doe…
RT @ericgarland: If it is revealed that Trump knowingly owed allegiance to Russia due to financial ties and kompromat, he will be guilty of espionage.
RT @RealMuckmaker: GOP Senator calls for investigating what the FBI did about Russia-Trump intelligence via @MotherJones
RT @badgirl_loony: IS RUSSIA BLACKMAILING #DonaldTrump? DEMAND AN INDEPENDENT BIPARTISAN COMMISSION! Senate 866-985-2543 House 866-948-8977 #TheResistance
This national tragedy was brought to you by Russia. #trumptower #goldenshower
@AlecCrook6 Hillary being funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar is more treasonous than some bogus pissing video of Trump in Russia or him...
RT @PDChina: #Russia's parliament approved "Turkish Stream" pipeline deal Fri to deliver its natural gas to Turkey and European…
@jonathanalter I hope investigating journalists find the evidence of treason involving Russia and trump very soon
RT @BryanDawsonUSA: TODAY: #Russia Navy just signed a treaty that gives them territorial sovereignty over the Syrian port of Tartus:…
RT @Susan_Hennessey: In light of this: incredibly difficult to see how NYT can justify its presentation here:
RT @Lagartija_Nix: Obama Bombshell: ‘DNC Emails Were Leaked’ – Not Hacked By Russia via @yournewswire
RT @dannon787: Russia celebrates: "Washington will be ours"- says Moscow lawmaker. #InagurationDay "God Bless America"…
RT @CrazyinRussia: Just a normal day on the farm in Russia.