RT @funder: MSM picking up @TheDemCoalition & #TrumpLeaks evidence linking #Trump to #Russia! THANK U for your support & please…
@senorawesomeguy Ah, cyber warfare between the US, Russia. & China has been going on for over ten years.
RT @KeithOlbermann: The truth is emerging in the NYT story of Trump's Men and Russia. RESIST: BOYCOTT THE INAUGURATION.
RT @larrywilmore: Good reading for inauguration eve.
RT @TeaPainUSA: BREAKING: 3 naughty high-up members of Trump's campaign have been caught in touch with Russia officials.
RT @jonathanweisman: Paul Manafort, Carter Page & Roger Stone are under federal investigation for possible links to Russian operatives.
RT @sahouraxo: Obama has spent 8 years destabilizing #Russia at every turn, from the #Ukraine coup to sanctions. And NOW he speaks…
RT @bodysculptorokc: Top Reasons for Low Turnout at #TrumpInauguration 1- Truck broke down 2- Ankle monitors 3- Cant read maps 4- Flight delays at Moscow airport
RT @villagemsk: Видео: Все фильмы Pixar, оказывается, связаны между собой — смотрите #Эфир
RT @aravosis: Trump is being sworn in at the same time a full-blown investigation is taking place of his campaign's ties to Russi…
RT @I_Slayy: It's here. The United States of Russia. Know your Rights. Be smart. Be safe. The greatest president was Black. Much love. 💜
Hours Before Trump Takes Office Law Enforcement Is Investigating Intercepts From Russia via @politicususa
@Stratfor While talk of Russian hacking arose before and after election, Russia consolidated position in Aleppo.
RT @Fact: A goat that was supposed to be a meal for a Siberian tiger at Eastern Safari Park in Russia is now best friends with the tiger.
RT @jonathanweisman: Paul Manafort, Carter Page & Roger Stone are under federal investigation for possible links to Russian operatives.
RT @Wary12: Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates #p2
RT @NarcoReus: Russia really jus be stealing anything
RT @keithboykin: Trump will take the oath of office under FBI investigation, the same situation he said disqualified Hillary Clinton.
Америка нанесла сокрушительный удар по российской пропаганде:кремлевский Russia Today послали подальше,а майданутые продолжают цитировать!
RT @samdman95: @RusEmbUSA russia is a dictatorship ruled by a war criminal, putin. leave us alone
@ironjoeabbott (a) Time will tell. (b) He's failed to win over those who didn't vote at all.
RT @JoshDorner: BREAKING: US intel agencies examining intercepted communications, data for links b/t Trump's associates and Russia
Time to break the internet:Tillerson owns a holding company based in #Russia #trumpleaks #theresistance
RT @ericgarland: On the eve of the inauguration following the 2016 election, we have a massive investigation into Russia and transfers of money.
RT @hisham_melhem: This dark Russian cloud hanging over @realDonaldTrump will not dissipate quickly.Intercepted #Russian Communications