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Really think @AndrewCastle63 should stick to tennis, social/political commentary not his strong suit, passing off old ideas as news
RT @TeamLeos: A #Leo wants what they want when they want it. Patience is not their strong suit.
@JaleesAhmad if maths was your strong suit you wouldnt be in RMC πŸ˜‚
@StanleeV just started watching, Warner overdue, patience not his strong suit. Smith showing he is serious good batsmen but different pitch?
@StanfordAsh I don't think math (or logic) is their strong suit.
@AndrewQuackson Was intentionally hyperbolic. Point-making in 140 characters is hardly my strong suit.
roller skating is not my strong suit πŸ˜…
Trash....that's a strong word Everything he spit made since and made you think. Metaphors and word play wasn't his…
@loveofaith @zimbio @Pure_Fandom Yeah, my apologies. Math conversion obviously not my strong suit! πŸ˜‚
@jacksfilms #fixbio Bios are not my strong suit
@actuallyerin that's never been a strong suit so I'm convinced I have acquired a spirit.
@SubcomandanteX hypocrisy ain't a tankies strong suit
@SethDavisHoops thinking never was your strong suit 😬😬😬
@adudeinaplace2 @DonielAnna Chicago Joe, I think you have to translate your tweets to Mandarin. Plain English isn't their strong suit.
@davidfrum @TheAtlantic Compassion, empathy and cooperation are not the strong suit of today's GOP.
@gamblor5555 @SunSudan4 @KathiePckat52 @Republican4Hil Understanding the legal system doesn't seem to be your strong suit
I seem to recall someone saying negotiating was there strong suit....
RT @DrNoahRod: @DarrellIssa It's obvious that healthcare is not your strong suit. Go here for some help @KaiserFamFound.
@JanJohnsonFL Obviously, New Testament isn't your strong suit. That's OK, we all start somewhere. It's a good read, though. I recommend it.
in my degree tutors say if drawing ability isn’t ur strong suit u can make art good thru humour but turns out i am neither skilled nor funny
@Jeff34959658 @DLeonhardt problem solving is not their strong suit but we'll educated in ridiculing.
.@MrIrony3 reading comprehension not your strong suit. She broke off contact I have no way of contacting her. I wish I could do more for her
risk taking has never been my strong suit.
@Westoff123 They're Liberals. Common Sense isn't their strong suit.