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@RetropolisZone Yeah it's not exactly Zelda's strong suit
@joecanthang congratulations joe, spelling is your strong suit
@washingtonpost Polling doesn't appear to be your strong suit......
RT @TweetoftheCatt: Threw together my own #MeetTheArtist post, in which we learn graphic design is not my strong suit. REGARDLESS- it's…
@tgruka @MrTommyCampbell @realDonaldTrump 304-Trump to 227-Clinton is "by the skin of his teeth?" Really?? Math is just not your strong suit
logic isn't your strong suit. i'm everything tumblr hates.
English, cause it's my only strong suit. 😜
@comedydai Maths isn't my strong suit. 31 then. So barely 10 year age gap and you think you can whine about 20-29 year olds? still laughable
Matching is most definitely not my strong suit but my shins are covered in bruises from…
@macownr580 @jk_rowling @alexmassie @politico Probably, but really history isn't my strong suit and neither's reading.
Tricks to be strong suit.
At Jacotech, everything is our strong suit, and we endeavor to offer you WordPress theme customization services th…
@realDonaldTrump @drgoodspine @ivanka Wrong Ivanka. But, proofreading has never been your strong suit, so......
RT @rworld262: @LisaTruthJohns peace and love is my strong suit
"Honesty" by Billy Joel Lyrics 長處: (Chinese) One's forte; merit; strong suit.
@Spacekatgal stick to being a victim, thats your strong suit
@MuneneOnyango umeshindwa kuchapa ninja ako na red tatu ama pelanties ain't your strong suit?? 😂 😂 😂
Subtlety is not Antonio Conte's strong suit. #CFC
She narrows her eyes at his own teasing. “Oh?” She made it her inner challenge. Get him to blush too. “Embarrassmen…
"Diplomacy is not my strong suit", says man who wanted to be PM. #MichaelGove
@annoyingracefan wow grammar is not my strong suit this early in the AM....I apologize! Haha Just reread my last tweet
RT @HappiiStudio: Talk, is never my strong suit. I'd much rather just snuggle in your arms, and stay there.
Opening up to people isn't my strong suit
When modesty isn't either's strong suit. (based on this: )
@PinkAppleJam It's not... like... his strong suit. Magical computer-brained men - check. Human women - not so much.