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Lit is usually my strong suit too. Wish there was more time in a day
@TrumpetGatorGrl Lines in general still aren't my strong suit.
@_mortizz it's never been my strong suit... at all
@Jayfuz They definitely found a strong suit of theirs that they should capitalize on regardless!
Showing emotion was never a strong suit. But we can have a drink and I'll tell you about the trouble I've caused
@HolleringCrows i: eh. not my cup of tea. too much trust involved. and as you can probably tell, trusting is not my strong suit.
@Bencjacobs @thegarance Spelling is not strong suit. Forgive. Education cuts.
@BaileyRenee_11 science isn't your strong suit huh?
@BlossomedFury @MechanicalBlur +closer to the robot. Though sneaking was never his strong suit. Hearing a twig snap beneath his own feet,+
RT @its_eviee: Daydreaming is my strong suit
Lolz. Schumer, stick to whatever it is you do. Politics, is clearly not your strong suit. 󾌴
@TFBotI yeah, sorry I couldn't talk after all. Math isn't exactly my strong suit. Talk to ya tomorrow. Good night.
learning new languages is not my strong suit. i barely know how to speak english.
Found out tonight soccer might not be my strong suit😩
Is this another lesson in how to joyful wait for the things I want? Because patience is not my strong suit at all
@AceofSpadesHQ *Emmanuel* Goldstein, but spelling was never your strong suit. You're a thinker, and you're definitely getting there.
Foreshadowing is not Ned's strong suit🃏💆🔮👎⚾🗑
RT @kwilli1046: Consistency is not BO's strong suit. Enlist in the U.S. FREEDOM ARMY at Wolverines/patriots.
Miss communication is my strong suit. 😅
RT @Shaya_in_LA: him: do you ever make the first move? me: never. Last moves are really my strong suit
@Chaitanya_Krip Sense of irony not your strong suit huh?
RT @angelageiger65: getting ignored is my strong suit