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RT @ST_Posts: Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin on the set filming scenes for Stranger Things season 2 yesterda…
@DaddyAllSkill Stranger things or The Originals. Love em both
I’m a fairly easy going tolerant person. But when a stranger my flatmate has brought home walks into my bedroom. I am not fucking impressed
I asked my mom "how do I have friends??" and she responds with "because there's always someone stranger than you" Thanks mom
Sex with a stranger in the car! Real fun isn't it? Check it yourself!
Bumped into a stranger in the train home last night. Seeing how equally drunk we both were, we instantly laughed, shook hands, and chatted.
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so suddenly i'm inlove with a stranger~
RT @strangertbr: Até agora, nenhuma imagem da Millie gravando para a 2ª temporada de Stranger Things.
RT @Lui_gi_M: Sometimes I wish I could just vent to a stranger..
RT @FANCYPML: remember mike and will from stranger things? This is them now. feel old yet?
Me están preguntando datos personales por WhatsApp. Stranger Danger! 👁‍🗨
RT @SeriesUpdatesFR: Le cast de Stranger Things sur le tournage de la saison 2.
@hi_stranger اخوي مرات يتعجب من طبعي ويردد " يبا العنود مجنونة ، تضحك وتعصب بسرعة " :)
@konilsson This reminds me of the time in DC a stranger actually asked me, "How do I get to the Kennedy Center." For absolutely real.
Ordered myself the CD format of Stranger Things Have Happened. Merry Christmas to me. @ClareMaguire 🎅🎁🎄
bueno, me puse al día (últimos 2 ep.) con Stranger Things, y creo que la espera-manija hasta vuelva la 2da temporad…
RT @ABC: Stranger pays off $900+ in overdue lunch balances for students at PA school. "We're calling him our 'Secret Santa.'…
RT @wyawyd: when ur scrolling through ur camera roll in public and forget u have nudes and now the stranger next to u saw ur ti…
RT @space4gosforth: Our members report drivers using mobiles in Gosforth - it is illegal and puts lives at risk and has to stop.
RT @STScenes: eleven will never be just a number after stranger things
See you in 3 hours for Stranger Things: A 1980s Sci-Fi Musical Adventure & Benefit Concert for All-Options!