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RT @WitADabofRancch: There's 2 olympians, a figure skater, & Beyoncé's backup dancer on dwts now. My anxiety is through the roof 4 N & the show ain't even start
Clashing Agendas: Antidoping Officials vs. U.S. Olympics Leaders
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Rites of Passage: Patience Is a (Sexual) Virtue
Another View: Addressing Corporate Conflicts in the Trump Era
Trump to Seek $54 Billion Increase in Military Spending
A Romantic Hidden Restaurant in Paris
Software Architect - Java - NetApp
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Inside Wealth: For Millionaire Immigrants, a Global Welcome Mat
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City Kitchen: A Croque-Madame Dressed Up With Crab
Thanks Polly 💕 we won't be for long though.. 😒
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@BowserTGK ayyyy Better hurry and rack up f2p jewels, the current EMC banner has great medals. Good deal
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RT @SashaLyutse: Multinationals fuel rise in #deforestation to grow soy, exported as animal feed to serve global appetite for meat.
@DavidHerburger1 and I also have backup ✌🏻. They all swarmed him and reported as well .. people like him are too dumb to know what they are
Clashing Agendas: Antidoping Officials vs. U.S. Olympics Leaders