to find a new backup or nah
At least I'm not a backup! Ha, enjoy the experience.
RT @JudicialWatch: Did Hillary Clinton backup all her files 💾 using @datto? Does the FBI have copies? Judicial Watch wants to know. Developing...
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RT @NBAtalk360: Cavs bench rankings: PPG: 28th RPG: 29th APG: 28th FG%: 27th EFF: 28th Defensive EFF: 28th But let's bash Bron for wanting a backup PG lmao
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No #NinkasiBrewing here. Not a bad backup. bellsbrewery #HopSlam. Canned 1/11. #beer #craftbeer
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RT @kingbaddiekee: this morning when I threw my towel in the dirty clothes to only realize that was my backup clean towel
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Fashion Diary: Men’s Fashion Designers Grapple With the Rise of Trump
Styles Q. and A.: Tiffany Trump Looked West for Her Inauguration Dress
RT @Acronis: New generation hybrid #IT environments require a whole different kind of #data protection. This use case can help:…
Boîte: Ladyfag Hosts a New Party in Brooklyn
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From Dior, a Mystical Masked Ball
Trump Is Said to Keep James Comey as F.B.I. Director - The New York Times-& why would'nt you?
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@Med2Cold nah just a backup PG to facilitate the offense when hes resting but you LeBron haters act like thats an All Star team.