I need backup!Battle ID: E01FE808 Lvl 75 Celeste Omega
#Terrorism Istanbul Is Rocked by 2 Explosions Possibly Targeting Police Officers
RT @WarBlogle: Regardless of who starts, Auburn now has a SEC start-worthy backup QB. #wareagle
@CollegeAndMag he's not coming here to be the backup.
Anjir ampe punya backup rapier, serupooll
RT @mishacollins: I take umbrage at this accusation! They're not "screaming." They've been trained to work as your extremely shrill b…
MISSING DOG ALERT: E 25th & Reed, Erie PA Networker Jeanette posted: If anyone sees a half black lab dog with...
@reneekurilla you can backup your files at least.
RT @Nick_Steves: @HaileeSteinfeld was incredible with her 20,000 backup singers @TheGarden 👌🏼 #Z100JingleBall #iHeartJingleBall…
Reminder: the data on your cloud instances is on someone else's computer. rdiff-backup is easy to set up. Do the good thing.
RT @joshuapsjones: Dillian Whyte wins via Split Decision but at least Chisora didn't get his head shagged...
RT @jennalouisetoth: "Some people tweet the dumbest stuff," I think to myself as I tweet about how I was probably a backup dancer for Prince in another life
Quick check before upgrading to Veeam Backup and Recovery v9.5 ... not yet on vSphere 6.5
Bob Dylan Sends Warm Words but Skips Nobel Prize Ceremonies
Kenya Oil Tanker Accident Kills at Least 25 in Fire: Red Cross
....그 영화가 프로듀서를 그렇게 만들었구나... 나보다 그 영화가 더 좋은거야..?
@MattSmithCFB worst case he's a bet talented backup to SW if SW gets banged up again
ik ga denk ik een backup acc maken lijkt me wel handig
@DLoesch @DanKoch 10-1 yu cant backup that 90%....yu know thats bullchit.... !!!
I need backup!Battle ID: 3525ABC2 Lvl 50 Tiamat Omega
RT @Nick_Steves: @HaileeSteinfeld was incredible with her 20,000 backup singers @TheGarden 👌🏼 #Z100JingleBall #iHeartJingleBall…
I need backup!Battle ID: 8C6ADF64 Lvl 75 Luminiera Omega
I need backup!Battle ID: CC14EE36 Lvl 75 Luminiera Omega
RT @Nick_Steves: @HaileeSteinfeld was incredible with her 20,000 backup singers @TheGarden 👌🏼 #Z100JingleBall #iHeartJingleBall…
so this is a request for a backup