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Kail is a straight up bitch. 😡 @KailLowry
RT @kennethholley: Data Protection Impact Assessment. First guidelines #cybersecurity #infosec
RT @Miriam2626: On Ed Roberts day, please publicize that Trump is dismantling Medicaid for disabled!
@GradySas Yup. Miller would be a great chip to move to a contender looking for a solid backup or starter. He could still resign in offseason
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Accusations and Harsh Words Mar First Day of Syrian Peace Talks
RT @ICOnews: GDPR is coming in May 2018. Find out what you have to do to get ready with our updated overview #enterprisehour
Okay I have actually listened to this at least a hundred times today- Shape Of You x Enna Sona by Tesher (backup) Found a great Server backup software for Windows Server, you may want to check it out! #cachondeo #chistes #risas
#0daytoday #EMC Avamar Data Store / Virtual Edition 7.3.1 / 7.3.0 Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilit [#0day #Exploi
RT @hostfusion: Hosting para WordPress con discos de alta velocidad SSD, Certificado SSL y Dominio gratis, backup auto...
#0daytoday #EMC Avamar Data Store / Virtual Edition 7.3.1 / 7.3.0 Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilit [#0day #Exploit]
Jays Sign a Petit Deal That Reminds Us Ryan Goins Could Get Squeezed Off the Roster (Plus: Backup……
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das teil war teuer. die muss das jetzt schön reden! #GoodbyeDeutschland
@IkBenJurgen Try reading our pinned tweet, we are working on getting everybody backup, we are still dealing with the Apple Revoke
RT @NFL: Patriots open to trading Jimmy Garoppolo: (via @RapSheet)
RT @CelticCanada: Data Protection Commissioner notified after PeoplePoint wrongly sends file to HR official
RT @TheDataIQ: The @ICOnews has warned firms they will need to move away from a "tick-box" approach to #DataProtection:…
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