Tweets about a recent trend: Stop PLAYING

@lilhades666 stop playing with my feet Alina.
@AnushkaSharma sahiba is so so so peaceful song.I can't stop playing it again again & again 💞💞💞💕💕💕
he over here rubbing my inner thighs. He better stop playing with me before I put this p on him 😂💪🏽
RT @MARIIA808: Stop playing with those other girls u know it drives me crazy
RT @theonlylikenpss: Sahiba is so beautiful song and I can't stop playing it again and again. Full of emotions & depth. @AnushkaSharma
Had to stop playing myself
RT @KTLODO: Going live in 15 mins with some more sims 😍 I can't stop playing it....
I just want oomf to stop playing and be mine.
@bbc5live Please stop playing that bloody Flintoff trailer about him and Steve Redgrave in a boat. It's annoying, not funny and repetitive!
@mehartweets this is the fact, isnt it? Nw stop playing lady. Everybody knows what u r upto. Nah. Not all India is…
@LiquidLourlo i rather stop playing league of legends
RT @damnitstrue: him: stop playing babe i really gotta go me: nooooooooooooooooo
RT @_cpaola: But fr tho I need to stop playing and hit the gym
RT @LexHurtado_: I always been pretty, stop playing.
RT @ZekeyUno: Text your guy friend "Stop playing and come beat it up" see what he says
@yandysmith stop playing the college girl role you know what you be doing...those baby mamas are a mess be upfront like "yeah I did it"
I really hate when people lead on my friends 🙄 especially if you already have a bf/gf. Stop playing games with people's feelings 😊👌🏼
RT @Luizaox_21: My gf needs to really stop playing with me like this 😭
RT @TheRealSacoyaP: @Rosecraans lmaoooo they better stop playing
But fr tho I need to stop playing and hit the gym
Likeee ewww stop playing in my face 😂😂
kid?.. la boy stop playing w/ me — Go find something safe to do
Tunnel Vision is my favorite song I can't stop playing it