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@NRSC @SenateGOP @@SenateDems when does tRump fiasco stop? How much collusion do U need 2 remove evil POTUS &everyo…
@eatmypepi omfg stop😭😭😭😭😭 i lov these boyfriends
My wallet just broke I think it's a sign to stop spending money
RT @Eliziticamd: Can people stop with the "omg WINNER are lost without Taehyun" "What will WINNER music even sound now without Taehy…
RT @GUSTHEREALEST: You gotta want more for yourself, stop settling.
RT @WORIDSTARHIPH0P: "Tell your kids to stop kicking my seat.."
RT @dan_roam: Stop thinking about drawing as an artistic process. Drawing is a thinking process. #NapkinAcademy
RT @Attitudega: @Attitudega ภาพจาก: the dodo 😭 อ่านเพิ่มเติม: ร่วมลงชื่อคัดค้านได้ที่:
RT @ofc_ALDUBHK: You taught me how to love but not how to stop. #ALDUBxDTBYBagongSimula
@NHLCanesStats people need to stop trying to be a hero, it only fuels the fire
RT @cuteassshawty: Him: "Babe stop jumping to conclusions" *a female likes his tweet* Me:
Security Alert: Windows 10 Hs BnQuietly Logging EVERY KEYSTROKE UType Send To Microsoft (This Is How To Stop It) 🔥😡
RT @bdgrabinski: @realDonaldTrump Stop tweeting, you dumb asshole. The ACA is fine. We're worried about you destroying our country.
RT @cosmickyun: i cant stop replaying wonho picking up changkyun by his hood its sO FUNNY
pag nafollow na niya ako dito sa twitter, yun sign ko na stop na talaga si feelings lol
RT @theapathygap: @LTrotsky21 @KathyCapozzoli @RealJamesWoods those are not the only parts of writing. If your IQ was high enough you would just stop tweeting
@EMM4Melody Treating individuals differently on account of race under the notion of collective guilt idea behind the Holocaust. Stop.
"Will you ever stop talking about zero escape?" me:
RT @elizabethminkel: Don't stop critiquing—but do stop assuming. Shows, films, comic books: these are complicated cultural products, made by many hands.
RT @MtnMD: INSURANCE COMPANIES, Russian mob and Republicans ALL IN ON THIS. Thanks to ALL who called or showed up. DON'T STOP,…
RT MizzSandraBee : From the fabulous TarheelKrystle! -
RT @bballbreakdown: Kawhi out here trying everything to stop LeBron
I literally can't stop crying beauty and the beast is just so beautiful😭
Maybe if motherfuckers would stop buying his merch and motherfuckers would stop giving him the biggest reactions he…