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4r Da Squaw x Isaiah Rashad
RT @bIoodorb: Weakness: your sleepy voice.
@420presents I'm as real a stoner as it gets ...
RT @HeartIessly: maturity is attractive. having your shit together is attractive. having ambition & goals is attractive. knowing what you want is attractive
RT @2kEnt2k: Listen to Stoner p2 (Marijuana )(Prod. By B.O Beatz) by Wazi #np on #SoundCloud #2kEnt
El escenario de Stoner del Resu pinta MUY bien.
Listen to Stoner p2 (Marijuana )(Prod. By B.O Beatz) by Wazi #np on #SoundCloud #2kEnt
モモタロス ウラタロス キンタロス リュウタロス ハムタロス
@yayDrem ja wollt ihr nen stoner in BoLT? ☺️
新しいイマジン ハムタロス
RT @thcmoonman: this mf was the OG stoner
Video by @ArtistHBTL: "A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie "My Shit" Prod. By D Stackz (Dir. By @BenjiFilmz)"
@TommyKnoxOutlaw I'm lazy too so nah besides don't really need the approval of a lazy stoner wen I get fucked by a real man
RT @MIAKHALlFA: Use y=mx+b to calculate the slope of how down hill my life is going
汚れ無き光が、闇夜を貫いて この時が永遠だと、今いのちが叫んでる ほら心の奥に、いつも君が映るよ 守るべき真実をただ、抱いて行くんだ
"An intelligent mind will get you far, but an open heart will get you farther." Jesse Lyn Stoner #quote
Once a stoner always a stoner.
RT @ResurrectionESP: .@rteiracalderon stoner, sludge, doom, post-metal, psychedelic rock... todo ese rollo. ;) Leed la nota, decimos más cosas. :)
imma stoner 🎧🎶
全てはそこにあって、全てはただ自分で そうさ、まだ、行けるはずだろ
RT @joshbriond: no one should have to eat that way, man. people in prison eat better than that.
RT @joshbriond: i saw a man eating a ketchup sandwich today, y'all. ketchup + bread, nothing else. i blame capitalism.