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RT @xStonerGirls: Wake and bake is a form of self care😌
@_stoner____ IKR. I talked sense into myself and it’s happening.
Honestly the lonely stoner does seems to free his mind at night
RT @marklanebiz: Check this out 😲Pilot completely nails sideways landing in 40-knot crosswinds at Bristol Airport. ...via @XHNews
RT @perpetua: Tell me, what’s funnier: the guileless joy of a stoner jam band fan, or the flopsweat-drenched desperation to seem cool of a punk?
RT @TMZ: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Split, Engagement Called Off
Ben Franklin... huge stoner. Do you know how stoned you have to be to think of electricity without any electricity?
CONCERT PHOTO GALLERY: HRH Doom vs Stoner 2018 by Arta Gailuma — Photojournalist —
RT @RobbinsGroupLLC: AUDIO: Thanks to Jay Rosenthal at @bofc_canada for a great interview. For 20 tight minutes we dig into cannabis leg…
RT @Weirdbae_1: Retweet To Pass The Joint 🚬 If You’re A Real Stoner.
@downloadsmfc Better get back to studying!! Don't want to be cramming on day of exam 🤓📚
Sunday afternoons are for groovy stoner rock. This playlist is 👌👌👌
RT @bniceloco: I feel like this video should be back on the TL
"Dialogue is about discussion with the intent to understand – not debate with the intent to win." - Jesse Lyn Stoner
stoner rock/doom metal Monkey3 Driver
when am i finally gonna snap and write stoner bfs johnjae
RT @skankymunter: I have been labeled a drunk stoner.
I used to be just depressed but now now I’m depressed, a stoner and a slut
RT @Complex: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly broken up 💔
I need a drink 🥃
@MahdDogg If I add "NPC" to my handle, do I get a flat in St. Petersburg? St. Petersburg is *really* nice.