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One lane CLOSED and slow traffic on A19 SOUTHBOUND in Stockton-On-Tees between Portrack Interchange and the A66...
#Traffic - One lane CLOSED and slow traffic on #A19 SOUTHBOUND in #Stockton-On-Tees between #Portrack Interchange...
RT @lFRANKOCEANl: Very selective on who I fuck with
RT @bIessly: most painful thing ever is having feelings for someone you can't be with anymore
RT @brysontlIler: i've choked on words i never said and drowned in the thoughts i never shared.
RT @brysontlIler: feeling unappreciated is one of the worst feelings ever.
RT @brysontlIler: s/o to those people that really call you back when they say "Ima call you back."
RT @brysontlIler: don't let your emotions overpower your intelligence.
RT @brysontlIler: a part of adulthood is admitting when you're being a piece of shit, apologizing for it, then correcting the error if you can. shit happens.
RT @brysontlIler: no one should ever judge anyone, we're all fucked up in our own way.
RT @brysontlIler: i like maturity.. admitting where you went wrong, where I went wrong, where we went wrong and working on it for a better outcome.
RT @brysontlIler: i have no time for temporary people in my life… don't bother with me if I only exist when you’re bored and desperate.
RT @brysontlIler: we're not the same person we were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. we're constantly changing; experiences don't stop. that's life.
RT @brysontlIler: if you got a good girl that's holding you down and you're out here fucking her over, you're stupid.
RT @brysontlIler: it's so sad and frustrating when you try your hardest but people still don't find it good enough.
To live & die in Stockton
RT @brysontlIler: she a bad girl with a beautiful smile.
RT @brysontlIler: i'm not curving you I'm saving your time lol you should be thanking me.
RT @brysontlIler: i feel so bad for my guardian angel, she prolly stressed out like a mf.
RT @brysontlIler: find someone that makes you feel high when you're sober.
RT @brysontlIler: i like when you smile but i love when i'm the reason..
RT @brysontlIler: every girl is crazy, jus pick one.
RT @brysontlIler: i'm trying my hardest not to act how i feel