Tweets about a recent trend: STFU

@IGotN0Hoes Hey Codi stfu 🌚
@pattanastasio you're literally pissing me off stfu
@SD_UHC @LightningSpark7 you're gayer than minetwon stfu
People always wanna be hurt with their happy ass lives, stfu lol
@FilthyFreshh__ u speaking like u know me ! Who tf is y'all ! U must ain't got nobody dick drunk stfu
RT @_Callme_Tina: @BNIC_Leechie I see both of y'all stfu 😂😂😂🙄🙄
RT @Paulhawkington: @VanJones68 Just STFU. Your BS is OLD. Playing the RACE card for EVERY situation that comes down the pike is OVE…
RT @babyyjas_: when he postín shit about he tired of getting played.. um hello, i coulda gave u the world and more but u played w me... smfh 🙄 #stfu
RT @stanJungs: Idc what others say if you're Jessica's fan then be grateful she's making music for us. If you're not then stfu this comeback is not for you
If you look closely there's heist in atheist. If you look closer there's also stfu-&-stop-distorting-words
RT @Rachael_Neal: So confused why people dot stfu in the dorms go to bed holy shit
RT @8acp: It's never too late to STFU and mind your own business. Yes? Yes! Good night.
@BNIC_Leechie I see both of y'all stfu 😂😂😂🙄🙄
Somebody tell Irene to stfu please 🙄
@cory_moon I beat niggas so stfu it was a joke
RT @glitteringlatte: poetry is not boring y'all are just lazy. except poetry about nature. yea the sunrise cute flowers too stfu