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team with Nick young, batman, Nick young, jason Voorhes, and stewie
@scumbagdanby @daddy_renzo im 2 lazy to get up and put on clothes im chillin in my stewie griffin boxers eatin cheetos foo
Oh, interesante teoría Brian ¿Vas a decirme que Elmo no es real? ¿Vas a decirme que Bob Esponja no es real? —Stewie
@SethMacFarlane I think you forgot about the bathtub scene with Stewie & Meg.
RT @samvargas6: This picture makes me so happy to be a fan. Keep it up! :) @n0thing @Stewie @autimaticTV @C9Skadoodle @C9shroud…
#Meizu #M5 #Note è in arrivo sul mercato con specifiche molto interessanti! #Android #novità
#Lenovo organizza per la Festa della Rete “YogaBookomics” #Android #novità
stop being such a smug. @Stewie
Victory is mine... Ahh, Damn you all! #stewie
I'm in shape. Just the wrong one
Stewie will Rock U have won 2 MNE Awards!
Stewie will Rock U are bigger than The Stone Roses! @thestoneroses
@Stewie_t25 @dashkamrr @vetvivioop и так , в схватке Ростислава и какого то жирного московского студента , с уверенностью лидирует Ростислав
@teft_19 @dashkamrr @vetvivioop а у нас судьи в основном на чьей стороне?
@teft_19 @dashkamrr @vetvivioop без тебя теперь никак... Ты втянут в конфликт