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Stewie: My God, I'm to entrust my life to a turtle? Nature's "D" student?
me despertr hecha pija y en casa no hay nadie. tramitenme un bitch stewie.
RT @Stewie: It's an honor to be complimented by a god! @Ksharp31 @C9shroud @autimaticTV
#sexy naked panamanian girls porn brian and stewie
me: is there a problem officer? officer:yes,how fast do you think you were going? me:well apparently not fast enough you caught me.
@Stewie_Pies maybe so, but the ospreys don't seem to be looking for a replacement yet
you know mother,as first lady of the american stage Helen Hayes once said,I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! #stewie
nao tens tomates crl. deixa me ir confirmar — Pois não... Mas tenho outros frutos q até te dão me...
I liked a @YouTube video Botchamania Ending - Stewie plays Samoa Joe's theme
quero te comer, deixas? — Óbvio q sim, tou desesperado então n vês? Como tudo...
vom diaaaa — Ahahah, desculpa só ter visto agora :/ vrom dria
és badalhoco sabes? — :( pq dizes isso?
RT @regacy_sti: 回転寿司で流し撮りの練習をする人
Undercover Gigg-Olo Premium Character Profile: Pimp Stewie
@rofficiala @Thooorin what do u mean? Shroud and stewie has without a doubt better spray then magisk... I like magisk but shroud is insaine