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RT @MemesMIBR: Agora eu penso... 14 meses depois... Sai felps - entra Boltz. Sai TACO - entra Stewie. Sai Boltz - entra Tarik. Ent…
I liked a @YouTube video Stewie and Brian in the 17th century - Try Not To Laugh Challenge
@G_Stewie_JP このアニメすき 日本ではやってないらしいけど海賊サイトでたまに見る
RT @HopeWellEy: I'm not going anywhere. No sex for them today, It's SUNDAY, time for Jesus.✊
RT @swag_lukarz: What!!!! I can't breath 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I liked a @YouTube video Family Guy - Stewie and Chris hack Brian's Facebook
@adolpohitler 間違えて撃っちゃったw てへ❤️
我喜歡一部 @YouTube 影片 The Funniest Rank S Game Ever! (ft Shroud, Stewie, Moe, Just9n, tarik)
@TheMagpieGroup_ @richardajkeys How do bellends like him and Rio keep getting air time when they have no connection to our club?
@edmnangagwa Are you on attachment mdara??
Stewie Gets High On Henry
I liked a @YouTube video Stewie "Super Baby "- Funny cartoon series #STV
Man patika @YouTube videoklips Stewie " Baby Driver" - Funny cartoon series.
I liked a @YouTube video stewie griffin where's my money
@TheRikMoran Ugh. Hope it shifts for you soon. (The like was for Stewie, not your being ill still!)
@alieneilax خیلی کسشره این بشر :))))))
@TANZVERBOTcf Passt du den da rein tanzi