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RT @MeansMusicHD: How can you say I ain’t serving, how many times did I do it??! I been round der with my darg like Brian and Stewie❗️
RT @Stewie: Sorry for my bad Portuguese! @mibr you know what to do😉
RT @Tiagovski555: Quando saís da discoteca e encontras 2 lendas @coldzera @Stewie
RT @Stewie: Sorry for my bad Portuguese! @mibr you know what to do😉
@traderstewie Hi Stewie! What do you think about $YEXT?
team with michael james, stewie, shrek, homer, and david west
@ecambage I went to UConn in the late 70s, and I can attest from many years of watching that women play a compellin…
Stewie, Dexter and Brain. Make the connection
RT @DccOfficial2018: @StewieZhu_DCC on how #DCC transforms the current centralized financial industry w/ the power of #blockchain 💪…
RT @JunHWen: Why it sounds like all the girls in stewie used to be your lover, noona
@FuzzRL alrighty, missed it in the feed. been to a festival😅 lucky meee, watch me win this thing lol
RT @FuzzRL: Hey! :) I'm doing a big giveaway stream tomorrow at 18:00 CET to celebrate reaching 1000 followers on Twitch! -->…
RT @ConceitedNYC: #IfItWasUpToMe Hey Arnold will be on the Maury Show to admit that Stewie is his Son.....lml
RT @ZivarZaneRahmat: کاش انقدر مودی نبودم
I just spent five minutes yelling at MSNBC and that Nielsen creature at her propaganda “news” conference.Thank god…