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do u guys remeber stereo skyline???? they just fucking disappeared and none of them are like on social media anymore???
I saw @WeTheKings and Stereo Skyline and met them at the Hot Topic in Somerset Mall 7 years ago today.
I was just reminded of Stereo Skyline's existence and my enthusiasm for it and have never felt so embarrassed in my LIFE
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Stereo Skyline - Heartbeat lyrics
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Stereo Skyline - Heartbeat with Lyrics
amo stereo skyline
HeartBeat - Stereo Skyline >
when we found stereo skyline on your iPod but couldn't even deny they had the jams back in the day
Stereo skyline no songpop, nada bem
Sorry I Stole Your GirlFriend - Stereo Skyline (LYRICS)
Stereo skyline, ATL, mayday parade, FTSK, & my chemical romance all have a special place in my heart
stereo skyline yo
Wonder where that The Ready Set/Stereo Skyline typa genre go
I liked a @YouTube video Stereo Skyline-Me & You Lyric Video
I am now writing to That Everything by Stereo Skyline
I am now writing to Man I Think I Love Her by Stereo Skyline
@stereoskyline wtf happened and why did you take Stereo Skyline's @ ? You couldn't make your own? I'm so lost.
*goes downstairs to parents* why do you look so sad? I was just listing to Stereo Skyline.... you know typical
@Tinnypants I FOUND IT!! Heartbeat by Stereo Skyline B)
Stereo Skyline <3