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RT @bandaiya: イカレポンチの名刺の秘密はテンちゃんのと合わせるとこうなるということでした。揃うと完成!今日、早速気づいて合わせている人がいました。さすがだなーわかる人には一発だなー
@curry_love_s 友達に買えっておどされたから10日過ぎに買ってやる予定
RT @nballaccess: Top 10 PG this season: 1. Harden 2. Westbrook 3. Thomas 4. Wall 5. Curry 6. Paul (injury) 7. Irving 8. Lowry 9. Lillard 10. Conley
RT @SneakerTicker: RT for Kyrie Irving FAV for Steph Curry
Lol no need. I saw Kyrie bailing him out time after time. And Kyrie didn't beg the NBA to suspend Curry either
RT @othlithroumesbi: ばんたんのダンス集❷💕💕💕 ・RUN ・We Are Bullet Proof ・ホルモン戦争 好きなダンスあったらRT😁 #防弾少年団 #ばんたん #BTS #ばんたん #BTS #防弾少年団
RT @so_holland: I Knew - Out Now On Sound Cloud‼️ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 G-I Frm Da Band X SK #Diummiee😈
Why the hell did yall not get Seth Curry in that trade #76ers
RT @rekishichosadan: 浅草駅「浅草 牛かつ」 行列の絶えない超有名人気店です✨ 見た目美しく、リピーター続出の美味しさです😍 焼き石で好みの加減まで焼いた牛かつは、ステーキのような味わいです🍖 麦飯の上に並べてとろろをかけたら、贅沢丼の完成です🍚‼️…
Lack of cap/ not restructuring or doing anything with Barwin/Daniel/Curry is annoying. Better not resign Carroll...…
I think it's cos I clicked chips and curry instead of chips and gravy I like both tho 😞🔪
RT @awc_tsubaki: 2月24日(金)チェンノガット・2周年祭Vol.4 各演者40分! 最初のほうで燃え尽きておきたいので2番手ですがラストまでもちろんおります! テルマエ立川 飛火野 椿 じんべぇ しんじ Mickey OPEN 18:30…
RT @bobbykaralla: Dallas is now committed to Yogi Ferrell as the starting point guard. Also could mean expanded playmaking opportunities for Seth Curry.
School was easy man, the only stress was being late to the canteen on Friday n missing curry Friday; that was real life pain right there
@jdwtweet can I ask why I got ID'd for a curry today? I never even wanted or asked for an alcoholic drink...
@haiyin1004 어떤 장면인지 아니까 더 가슴 아팠어요 ㅠ 진짜 제가 그 장면... 후욱후욱 가슴 아파서 더욱 좋아했던 장면입이다ㅜㅜ도화밈 진짜 사극 회지 한 번 가시죠!(아 스골 내셔야죠...(커무룩
@T_Swiizzle_ @ROB_TEX22 @JLosSimms5020 @MikeAndMike Its because of Curry why that team is so special and relevant even before Durant came in
@BigMoneyPlay what about Moore?? Is he solid? I have curry in now so I could take him out to upgrade
RT @WadeWilguen: Kyrie est meilleur que curry.
@osborne_bella @AvonBooksUK Thanks Bella. Celebratory curry tonight!