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@Givemeabiscuit ... just filled my wine glass with some Stella :) @StellaArtois
RT @beamiller: rose gold looks from the other night ✨
@WendelGiovanni_ só se for de frango né kkkkkkkk
RT @beamiller: i post on snapchat stories more than instagram stories anyway // beaamillerr
RT @JackPosobiec: Hi @RepAdamSchiff! Why did Soros-tied Ukraninan Arms Dealer Igor Pasternak hold a fundraiser for you? #ComeyHearing
RT @teamnwolf: 63- VS fashion show 2015, model: Stella Maxwell
RT @MaloneSkylar: happy puppy day to my baby Stella 💗⭐️
RT @caiomattosoliv1: @stellasanguebom @Px_Juuuh isso aí Stella, é por isso que gosto de tu ! 😂😂❤❤❤
@ErngenC @Stella_Cheeks Emma vs Asuka was love. As was all of Evil Emma teamed with Dana Brooke.
#Together4Yemen Stella Khaled : model brings out ugliness of aggression and the falsehood of the United Nations
RT @Lets_letcia: meu celular ta uma bosta
RT @ChooseToBFree: 💥BREAKING💥 ✔️President Trump CAN Fire #JamesComey Face it he's is nothing more than a #DeepState lackey for #Obama🙄…
ju stella et moi on est les + grosses forceuses avec nos crushs 1 truc de ouf
Obama/Hillary/Kerry created this and all deaths of European citizens!
RT @phsbez: Não é vácuo se eu não abri a conversa Não é vácuo se eu não abri a conversa Não é vácuo se eu não abri a conversa
『さあ共に-story of yours-』 フルPV ( Stella☆Beats #ステラビ #ステラビーツ ) に2500票 投票しました! アプリで投票! #アイドルPV総選挙 現在27位!
Vegas Bound 2017 Stella Awards Show
@Music3298 あれ、以外に隠れてる奴もロックオン出来て割と優秀だったね!
@Aiya_note 悲しみ😭😵 何かあって木乃子ちゃんが追加されたらどうするんですか(
RT @PAG1962: Thanks to wonderful staff of @NHSForthValley for safe arrival of Stella Florence Killin - everyone doing well