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i really don't want to go to work i want to stay in bed all day and not talk to anyone or do anything.
@cmkcaj Sorry for waiting Jack. Stay tuned as we'll announce soon! 🎅🎄
Uy, advance happy monthsary sakanila bukas! Stay happy and inlove Thanks for making me and my friends happy, kilig & inspired. #JaDine
RT @surfermom77: @southerntalker 👈Deal wt it If U can't handle it, go ahead start crying Ask mommy 4crayons, coloring books & hot coco Stay off my TL child
RT @annalovesloueh: Dear Paparazzi: we don't want you to show up in the funeral we don't want pictures stay away give them privacy Sincerely, Everyone.
RT @poletteEU: Stay #classy while protecting your eyes from blue light with e-olivia! Pic by @alexhuijgens…
RT @aeonianmgc: This is a terrible loss. No one deserves this. Just hold on and stay strong for the Tomlinson family. Sending all t…
RT @airaron: @gmanetwork @aldenrichards02 congrats tisoy! proud of what you have become. God bless u more. Stay grounded. #ALDUBLaborOfLove
@JacobMMadsen you are awesome! look forward to your posts! stay awesome!
Surprised 😭 i cant stay mad lalo na at dadalhan mo ko ng fave ko thankyou 😭😭 @Pasiaway
RT @jwomack: Not sure how long I'll stay on Twitter after Jan 20. Have to keep blood pressure down.
@Hubeip stay back while attacking مايتقدمون لما تسوي هجمه يتكون في مكانهم 👌🏼🔥
Don't let anyone treat you badly! Stand tall, stay strong!
RT @WSHHFANS: Trying to convince myself to stay in school
Don't let anyone treat you badly! Stand tall, stay strong!
RT @KNCDC: <어린 왕자> 공연 관람 에티켓! 이것만은 꼭 지켜주세요 국립현대무용단 <어린 왕자> 공연의 사진 촬영은 출연진 및 공연 관련 저작권 침해가 되기 때문에 법적으로 금지되고 있습니다. 또한,...
RT @lmh_chai: You did great chlo. They're trying to dig you down to their small mind level. Stay classy @ChlGrne KISSWARD CDOkayNaOkay
RT @HarrysBubble1: This is the saddest thing that has happened to our fandom. Stay strong Tommo we're here for you and your family. #RIPJohannah
RT @SunderlandAFC: On this day in 2004 Mr Versatile Darren Williams joined Cardiff City on a free transfer after an eight-year stay wi…
RT @richiemontana: Congrats on your award @Randallmac2 Stay winning bro
RT @InfinitelySY: Meanwhile SNSD stay unbothered by Twice rising popularity and have a supportive relationship towards their juniors.