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RT @SoReIatable: y'all can miss me w/ that good girls stay in the house bs, if she a good girl she can control herself & still have fun tf.
RT @baldbae: And it better stay at beauty supply prices
@CrownMaldives isn't it fantastic for the little ones to experience traditional local culture? Hope you had a fantastic stay @SixSensesLaamu
RT @xMalfunctionx: Malfunction: Outbreak will be getting a new update quite soon, so stay tuned!
RT @insan_honey: Another song shoot scheduled for today that will surely make its way to your hearts. Stay tuned for more updates. #Day17JEshoot
RT @TEDTalks: "Vote for the prosecutor who's helping people stay out of jail, not putting them in." @adamjohnfoss
RT @PostMalone: never trust nobody if they like cans more than fountain soda..... they'll be the ones to fuck you over. stay woke. #swag
RT @Peacheolie: Happy birthday to the funniest guy ever! i hope that you stay healthy! i love youuu waaah πŸ’•πŸŽ‰ #KINGJACKSONDAY
RT @eriiikaaam: Deadass you stay doing this shit lmao @jackysup
When fish are alive, they stay at the bottom; when they are dead, they come to the top ~ so I'll stay alive for The Lord Jesus!
RT @cvmfort: I stay on my grind rather than being with someone wasting my time
Summer is here it is so hot stay cool guys
RT @Brawelown: I ain't letting no hoe run back to me. You chose that nigga then stay over there with your bum mcm lol
RT @justjaredjr: OMG! @NormaniKordei & @iamValC only had 4 hours to prepare for tonight's #DWTS24 show! Stay tuned for the video!
@MehImHan ED - Hola, bby girl! Miss ur kadramahan HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA See you soon and stay strong! 😚
RT @MakaiClothingCo: Stay looking cute, and help #savetheturtles one shirt at a time! πŸ’β˜€οΈπŸπŸ’•πŸ™Œ Get yours πŸ‘‰
RT @TotalProSports: Canes goalie Eddie Lack injured on Red Wings GWG in OT. Both teams stay on the ice as he's stretchered off. #Classy
RT @ibighit_bts: Thanks for stay with us and I will do my best !! #LOVEARMY
RT @dannielmunoz_: I've never been the type of person to beg anyone to stay in my life.
I'm trying so mf hard to stay sane
RT @sassysiddiqi: stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love
RT @en_jajaja: Why I stay cryin the club