Status Quo

@bernerlap Italy votes to remain ungovernable. A triumph for the status quo. #italy #brexit
Italy demonstrates anti-austerity internationalism threatening EU corporate status quo People's Brexit is the only option establishment gets
@Neilwigg To maintain status quo...
In history of Pakistan first time a massive campaign against corrupt status quo is raised by the public.that's real…
@kirstyn_k haha, ok?? What is the impact of this? Doesn't seem there would be one. Who is harmed in the status quo?
"If Renzi loses focus, the status quo will eat him alive" I wrote @ForeignPolicy 2014... indeed... Via @riotta
Переселенцы хотят построить в Харькове кооперативный дом - харьковские новости Status quo
RT @sudhirchaudhary: I am happy you raised your voice and refused to accept status quo.
@SindiswaNene @XolaniMvulana It's by portraying others as 'deviant' that we can maintain the status quo, unfortunately.
RT @TheHaneyProject: The status quo never changed anything. Be you. Be different. Be the change.
@theEUpost @ilpost @KuperSimon all failures - all have a role to play in the mess we are in. Too complacent - no change to status quo
RT @HarvardBiz: How employees can more effectively advance their good ideas, even in resistant organizations
@Melikeit70 yeah, I hadn't before, but I now I see it was all about keeping the status quo. The only change was when Lorelai walked away
@civetta @mollyolusunmade @OwenJones84 Same thing here. Votes to protect status quo will be seized on as tactically anti-EU. 2/2
Frustrating to hear Italy referendum result — a vote for the status quo — described as a shock to the established order.
Status quo, you know, is Latin for the mess we're in
RT @skau61: @Twitlertwit @emineno435 @NancyPelosi She wants to keep the status quo. She needs to get voted out and out a progressive in. She's beholden
Everyone loves beating Watford and Hull 11-2 but eventually the status quo will shift, and you'll lose 4-3 that's football
RT @HazelJN: The #ItalyReferendum is not Brexit-Italians voted overwhelmingly in favour of the status quo to protect the integrity of their institutions
В реанимацию поступили раненые из зоны АТО - харьковские новости Status quo
RT @niubi: How many of the people encouraging trump to change the status quo with taiwan also encouraged george w bush to invade Iraq?
If the youth ascend to power via the platform of the status quo, then you just get a younger status quo. We need ou…