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LeBron @KingJames Made a Statement About Equality Last Night With His Shoes not afraid to speak up.. #globalcitizen
RT @President1Trump: High school football team makes statement during homecoming with powerful PATRIOT 🇺🇸display
RT @PardonMyTake: A statement on today's news:
New2Trip: Tele-monitoring of ventilator-dependent patients: European Respiratory Society Statement
2) @RichardsonTX_PD say Wesley Mathews gave 'alternate statement of events' regarding daughter Sherin's disappearance. Bond set at 1 mil.
RT @CBS11Andrea: Richardson Police say Mathews today gave an “alternate statement of events” on the disappearance of his daughter. @CBSDFW
@NicolaChoi @littlemachine_ No you don't 😂 (Nope, it's a perfectly valid statement !)
RT @AmandaGuerraTX: Full statement from @RichardsonTX_PD. Officers say #WesleyMatthews changed his story about disappearance of his dau…
The 22-year-old singer made a statement towards the end of “The Star... LISTEN LIVE:
Richardson Police statement on the arrest of Wesley Mathews. #SherinMathews
RT @MarcACaputo: President Trump lied about Rep. Wilson when she said the president told Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson that her hu…
RT @CBS11Andrea: Richardson Police say Mathews today gave an “alternate statement of events” on the disappearance of his daughter. @CBSDFW
RT @RVAwonk: Previously unreleased emails "show that senior WH aides were aware on the day the president made the statement that…
RT @USATODAY: Myeshia Johnson wants to know more about how her husband died and why his body wasn't recovered for 48 hours.…
RT @RealPressSecBot: A statement by the President:
RT @PardonMyTake: A statement on today's news:
You are completely missing the whole point of the statement she's trying to make lmao I can't even BYE
RT @tedlieu: This statement by Gen. Dunford is one reason we need congressional hearings on #Niger.
RT @emilysteel: Eric Bolling responds to O'Reilly statement to NYT that Bolling's son died because of allegations against his fathe…
RT @Andy_Staples: Just re-reading the last sentence of UF's statement on the McElwain/death threat deal. That sentence is a doozy.
@laurenduca If her statement had begun with an apology for how she has personally cast doubt on women, I’d be on bo…
RT @ESPNPR: Statement from ESPN President John Skipper about Barstool Van Talk:
RT @StewartMcDonald: Important PM statement on the European Council. Scottish Conservative MPs completely mute: not one asked her a single question.