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2 years ago... Back on a massive remix i did to celebrate Justice' album! #justice #randy #remix
RT @SportsCenter: New city, vintage All Day.
It is indeed the Thames & Severn. Stanton's Bridge. Best regards Clive
Now playing on Stanton Lanier - Dawn And Dusk Take Turns Calling
SUSPICIOUS SUBJ, VEH, OR CIRCUMSTANCE at 6100 BLOCK OF NE STANTON ST, PORTLAND, OR [Portland Police #PP17000341292] 23:48 #pdx911
RT @natchez_stanton: even if you just “talking” to a girl that bad, they wait for her to lose interest or for you to not put in effort &…
RT @natchez_stanton: this directed to some of y’all right now, don’t be all up in my face tomorrow 🤷🏾‍♀️
RT @natchez_stanton: wow...I’m glad you’re still here to tell the story❤️ opened my eyes, bc I was in car that was racing on the highway…
RT @Sergiofordy: Paris, Texas, 1984, directed by Wim Wenders. Harry Dean Stanton and Hunter Carson. “Walking Home From School” scene.
RT @natchez_stanton: Hmu if you tryna do this I got Halloweentown and Twitches on deck
girl I remember getting them slow word, ass whoopins😂😩😩
RT @6LACK: on tour & missing my baby, so this shit got my eyes a lil moist 💔
RT @bootygawddess: so this happened.. i was high.
RT @LittleAthsAus: Household names such as John Worsfold, Simon Black,Christine Stanton, and Kim Mickle all started in Little Athletics
RT @ChocoSimba_: A majority of black people pronounce “FAFSA” as “FASFA” and it geeks me 💀💀💀
RT @ordinarycasss: im really to good of a girl . lol
Why do we expect things to change when we keep doing the same old stuff? Is it time for a rethink? Habits freebie …
FUNNY! I remember a convention in Seneca Falls New York in 1848 led by Susan B. Anthony and Elisabeth Cady Stanton.…
Lissy Stanton Band performing 'Don t Know Much': via @YouTube
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