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Hoppertunity, Stanford Targeting Stakes On Pegasus World Cup Undercard
RT @surveyguy2: "The relationship between organizationdevelopment, #changemanagement and #organizationdesign" by @naomiorgdesign
@cass_stanford made my heart skip.. i thought i was going to lose it at the end there. wow
RT @DejiHesu: Stanford launches #digitalhealth center to connect faculty w/ tech companies #data #Health
Donald Knuth ofrece un adelanto del volumen 4B de "El arte de programar ordenadores" [ENG]
RT @DejiHesu: Stanford launches #digitalhealth center to connect faculty w/ tech companies #data #Health
RT @Amanda_Haughman: I'm SO excited that I was finally able to share my incredible journey with everyone! ☺️☺️☺️ Full Story:…
Go ahead Power Couples you can do it!...
RT @icoxfog417: PyTorch、Stanfordのkarpathy先生が開発に入ったっぽいな。期待大。
that power-slide though!!! #WRC #tanak
RT @DamuniSelai: HES GOING TO STANFORD IM CRYING IM SO PROUD! I LOVE YOU LEVANI😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Damunistrong @StanfordFball @LevaniDamuni
@afbbsj my PhD from @Stanford was exceptionally poor. To protect that institution's reputation I will request them to withdraw the degree.
Data scientists analyzed over 100,000 presentations and discovered what the best speakers share
RT @danielnewmanUV: How #AI Affects Urban Life - @ShellyKramer sheds some light on the integration of AI into everyday life…
The world's top November 25, 2008 from Burbank, a Wallabies defence is close a previous point including two: Boyte, Stanford.
@Chris_Holder23 compound fracture! was a huge off!
RT @basicincome: Stanford is introducing a graduate course on #BasicIncome!
A psychological barrier could contribute to people in less-developed countries completing MOOCs at a lower rate.
Successful #Immunotherapy Requires A Body-wide Response, Say Stanford Researchers: #cancer
RT @SWiltfong247: I thought Connor Wedington was moving at a different speed than his peers in first half of @polynesiabowl. #Stanford
@BernieSanders. Hey Bernie: U need to shut up. U useless democrats shoved Obama care down out throats now we gonna do away with it loser
Bro idk what's wrong with me man 🙃🙃🙃