Stand and Deliver

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If someone wants to deliver me Starbucks, that would be great
RT @eldrant: these lines are voiced THE NONARY GAMES DELIVER
RT @JudgeJeanine: "Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the house.The reason? He failed to deliver the votes on his healthcare…
@TraceGimm hey @Starbucks please deliver to my window for free please
@USPSHelp @USPS I've filed 4 redelivery requests. Local office has yet to deliver. Emailed customer service 3 times. Called 5 times.
I just met a girl & was meant to deliver something to her. She had her hand out & I shook it but I think it was cos she wanted the item! 😅
@Nicoledonnell_ they took 2 weeks to deliver my stuff the last time🙄😂
@Favor why don't y'all deliver from @Raising_Canes anymore ☹️
Dad used a sign at a Cavaliers game to deliver ruthless lesson to son.
$16k in 60 days for golf carts. But listen. We can't afford to pay anymore for wheels that deliver meals to our g…
Fanboard promises to deliver a better experience at sporting events via mobile and augmented reality. #atlsv
A great initiative for our region @wadenoonan. @gmcgeelong is excited to be collaborating with @Deakin to deliver t…
@AussiSassyLassy I seriously doubt it's gonna take 14-20 days to deliver so I'm at my doorstep every day like
RT @snackaholicsUS: We also restocked these delicious snacks. Why leave the house when we will deliver them to you for $1…
Too bad @Starbucks doesn't deliver. That would be dope.
RT @tedcruz: "We can’t give up. Republicans promised repeal. The time to deliver is now."
RT @alfonslopeztena: The result of walking away from institutions like the UN will be China first, US weaker, and its allies diminished
This New App Will Deliver Fresh Groceries To You From Your Favourite Pasar
@JDfromNY206 You think #RAWPhilly will deliver tonight as the Go-Home show? I don't have faith that it will.
someone pls deliver Chinese food
Gotta get up at o-dark thirty to deliver concrete tomorrow.... Night all.... — feeling tired
RT @Slick_Conseco: Your woman's homegirls on the way to deliver bad news about you