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@Monahan20 Play hard like Stajan. We know you have the skills.
Well quite possibly the ugliest game of the season. Id say 2 Flames had a respectable effort last night. That being Stajan and Gaudreau
@red_monster @the_pnut He has more goals then Bennett,and more chances then most. if dev's your issue,tell Glen not to play him with Stajan.
@KjellIverson @MesaMoe @NewfieMikey Throw in poor cap mgmt on Brouwer, Bollig, Stajan and a few others and there you have it.
Saw Glencross on TV during the #Flames game. Can't help but wonder if he was thinking "How does Stajan still have a job and I'm retired?"
@DarrenWHaynes stajan was really the only one that played well and that's sad to say
@albertanate Yep. They need to get it together. Stajan has been aggressive too.
If I had a nickel for every time I heard a weak shot from stajan, Id have a piss load of nickels #Flames #CARvsCGY
Matt Stajan is useless. #CARvsCGY
We need a goal. Let's play Stajan. Flames logic
Seriously Stajan has looked good this year. First line duty? #flames
What a drive from Stajan. Incredible shift. #Flames
Stajan is having a good game. That feels great to say. #Flames
Way to PK, Matt Stajan
Yeah Stajan has been best & most consistent of #flames Not a good thing.
Really enjoyed writing this one: From huge goals to personal tragedy, Matt Stajan's seven years in Calgary.
@F_Zdankiewicz W Lubawie ogórki grają, więc Stajan - mądra głowa, woli kasę kosić w Legii niż iść do Tomaszowa.
@NHLFlames Why? We already have a Matt Stajan on the roster.
シンプル ロング スタジャン【レディース アウター ロング スタジャン 長袖 美ライン 春夏 】 [楽天] #RakutenIchiba
@stajans_girl like if bin bons was screwed over by his boss in favour of matt stajan
@Woodguy55 Meh, the "buried ZS" thing is full of potential imagery. One of my favourites is from last year, re: Matt Stajan -
@ryjohansen he'll play w/ Stajan & Ferland or Tkachuk & Bennet in CGY, I think he's g
@crownroyalrage Not hating Backlund just hating your suggestion he is a second line Centre. Next your gonna tell me what an asset stajan is.