@mms_srk 最後根性もちで面倒だから周回パーティー組まなくてもいいと思います笑
@iamsrk my handsome bby...u made my mrng❤
どるちぇのご飯を 学校に持っていきたいと 何度も切に願ったし どるちぇのご飯でピクニックしたいし 嫁入修行でゼロから教わり どるちぇの美味しい味を毎日作りたいと よく思ったものです。
@AwakenOne16 @jeffsessions Perhaps Alicia is not aware Sessions pushed the death penalty of Henry Hays & bankrupted the KKK in AL. Racist?
RT @ChaliceChanel: Nothing but positive energy because I'm not trying to miss my blessings.
Rare Pics :- #SRK With Telugu Star #RamCharan On the Telugu Movie Set Of #BruceLee, Oct 2015. @iamsrk
@iamsrk omg jaan ufff love u❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙈
RT @iamsrk: There are miles to travel, this way or that. And from where I am, it doesn’t really matter…only the journey does.
RT @nylie_riveraa: the temporary high is getting me through this
@2dJazz here's my feedback. MORE KOF AND GG SRK NO MORE SMASH SHIT
RT @_Laylan: Bruh she dead separated the greens so the juice won't run over to the other food, wife her
#Zaalima100Million SRK' many and Mahira's First 100 Million song @iamsrk @TheMahiraKhan you both are best
RT @ShanedraCoolAf: Jacquees Voice Man > We Haven't Had Real Vocals In Years Fr
RT @ThatDudeMCFLY: MC: "We're gonna ask our bride and groom to have their first dance as man and wife." DJ: "XO XO MY LOVE IS VERY SP…
RT @KeepinUpWit_Nat: this summer bouta be wild.
@Midolaw8284 ありがとうございます!了解です( ^ω^ ) パーティどうしましょう 劉備ディオスでいけそうですかね?ちょっと調べてきます(>人<;)
Fan are trailer subtitrat și poster în limba română. - Nu ratați înfruntarea dintre #SRK... #shahrukhkhan